February 10, 2014

How To Build A Rustic Bead-Board Box

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I'm going to show you how I built the beadboard box that I've used as a centerpiece in the dinning room.

I love how rustic and vintage it looks.

I was pleasantly surprised how quick and easy it was to put together.

To build your own you'll need. . . 

1 - 1X8 cut 21" long
2 - 1X8 cut 6 1/8" tall
4 - pieces of bead board paneling cut 21" long
drill bits
brad gun
wood glue

First cut all your wood to the correct size.

Next, attach the two side pieces.

Making sure to pre-drill any holes, and then attach with wood screws.

It should then look like this.

Here's another view.

The next step is to attach the two remaining sides.

Add a little wood glue along all three sides of the frame.

Then using your brad gun, attach the bead board to the frame.

Repeat on the other side and you should have something that looks like this.

To finish off the project I used my dry-brush/scraping technique to give it a weathered, rustic look.

I have a tutorial on how to do it here.

The key is to use very little top coat paint at a time.  Add a thin layer, then scrap it off.  This makes the wood grain pop out.

It's a very simple technique to use and it has wonderful results.

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Great tutorial, you're so amazing with the tools! I love your beadboard box, it looks perfect on your red tablecloth. Did I tell you I shut down my blog? It was time, but I'll still be right here every day reading your posts (and probably copying most of them :)


  2. I love your sweet box and the fact that you can use it in so many different ways.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Great job on building and painting your box! I love the color!

  4. Love it and great tutorial too. Be sure to link up to Inspire Me this afternoon. www.astrollthrulife.net Hugs, Marty

  5. Really looks like a nice rustic old box! Great job!

  6. Wonderful box and centerpiece, love how you achieved the finish, thanks for the tutorials. I also viewed your painting and scraping tutorial, I'll be giving this technique a try!

  7. This is TOOOOO awesome Robin!!! Thanks so much for showing how you made this great box. I just showed this to my husband and I am so hoping he will make this for me. Maybe even for Valentine's Day ;)
    hugs from here...

  8. Add another item to my to do list! That is too simple, I have to make one now!

  9. You are just full of great ideas... With Spring heading this way.... I HOPE!!!!! this is a great project.. Have a great day! Blessings!

  10. Sweet! What a wonderful idea, Robin! Thanks for the great tutorial!

    xoxo laurie

  11. Love it! This is a building project I think I could manage!

  12. So simple and yet such a statement. Thanks for sharing!

  13. You make this look so easy! It's gorgeous.

  14. Great tutorial, you make it sound easy! It certainly looks good!

  15. This is adorable! What a cute idea and great tutorial! Love the weathered look of it and this piece could be used in so many places around the house! Definitely will try this!

  16. That's a great box - I've got outdoor planters on the brain and that weathered look is awesome!

  17. I love this! I have a bunch of scrap pieces of beadboard from my dining room renovation! {http://anurseandanerd.blogspot.com/2014/01/dining-room-before-and-after.html} Genius!

  18. So beautiful, Robin. You're being featured on Give Me The Goods tomorrow and on my FB page ;)

  19. I really would love to make one of these but right now I have no more room....LOL Thanks for sharing, I am featuring your post tomorrow on Tuesdays with a Twist Link party, please stop over and take a look. Thanks again and have a great day.

  20. Each beadboard panel has a finish width of 8". You can purchase prepackaged kits with 30", 36", 48" and 60" tall beadboard panels. When combined with the top cap molding and baseboard moldings the finish heights will increase by 6" to kit heights of 36", 42", 54" and 66".

  21. Great idea to finish a beadboard panel. This is so lovely and fantastic.


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