February 11, 2014

Simple Pillow Cover

A few nights ago I had an itch to break out the sewing machine.

Tried to ignore it . . . But it didn't go away.

So instead of going to bed like a good little girl I started scrounging around in my bin of scrap fabric to see what I could come up with.

Here's the newest addition to my collection of pillow slipcovers.

The case itself is just a simple envelope style which are a snap to put together.  I have a tutorial, here, if your interested.

I am obsessed with hand crocheted trim of late.  

Recently I found a length of red trim at the thrift store and was so excited to finally use it on something.

I thought the buttons would be a nice touch too!

I think perhaps if I copy this pattern in the future I'll make the center section smaller.  But all in all I like the way it looks.

Late night sewing sessions are so much fun!

Now I'm itch'in to try a white on white version of this pillow with pretty mother of pearl buttons.  Wouldn't that be pretty?

Have a great day everyone,



  1. Such a darling pillow Robin! The crochet lace is very pretty!

  2. I love the Red lace trim and buttons... Great Valentine theme with the colors.... You always do such pretty pillows... Have agreat day.. Blessings!

  3. So cute, another great opportunity to pop in some red. Your other idea sounds really great too!

  4. I love your red trimmed pillow and the lace is so sweet. I can't wait to see your next one too!

  5. Thank you Robin, for taking the time to visit.
    Love your sweet pillow, it adds just enough colour, I also love the chair and its slip.
    Looking forward to what your next post will feature.
    Now off to read som of your older postings :)


  6. I love the look of this, Robin...and I love the chair, too!

  7. Great pillow. I might have to drag out my sewing machine!

  8. I understand your sewing itch.... I get that sometimes as well....!! I love the color combo you came up with for this simple pillow!
    Happy Valentine’s Day :)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  9. Gorgeous! I love the simplicity of the red lace and red buttons on natural fabric - classic and smart! It looks so good on the chair.

    Gill xx

  10. I love the red buttons you added and the red crochet ribbon is such a pretty touch. I like how the red in the pillow matches the curtains that are peeking in the back of your photo. Thanks for the visit!

  11. Your pillow is darling!! Love the pop of red trim and buttons you added.
    Mary Alice

  12. LOVE! Can't wait to see the "White on White" version! ~ Donna

  13. Simple but also Simply Lovely :)

  14. So cute.

    I am working on some little pillows I painted.

  15. That is gorgeous, Robin! Well done!


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