February 24, 2014

Simple Stool Makeover

Good Morning Everyone!

It feels wonderful to be back to blogging.  After only one short week of being away I feel so out of the loop and I've been missing you all so much.

Thank you all for the heartwarming get well wishes for my sister.  She is recovering very nicely from her surgery and is hoping to return to work tomorrow.  I will still need to help her out in the evenings until her hubby gets home from work since she is not able to lift the little ones yet, but hopefully I'll be able to work on a few projects this week to share with you.

Somehow or another I did find some time last week for a very quick project.

I had found this little stool at the thrift store a few weeks ago and knew it just had to come home with me.  

Of course I wasn't crazy about the dark wood stain, but it is very sturdy and the size was smaller than the other stools I currently have which I thought was fun.

With hopes of an early spring on the brain, I picked a pretty blue color from my paint stash, and slapped some fresh new paint on it.

I had to distress it a little bit too, I'd be crazy not to right?

Right now, I'm not sure where this little beauty will end up in my house but I'm sure it will add a wonderful pop of springtime color to whichever room I decided to place it in.

Oh, almost forgot to mention the lantern.  

Pretty right.  

It's another thrift store find I couldn't pass up, one can never have too many lanterns . . . or stools!!

Talk to you soon,



  1. Love that color! What a perfect little stool, great job on the thrifty finds. So glad you're back, glad your sis is better - really missed your posts.


  2. Glad to hear your sister is recovering. I love the color you chose for the stool!

  3. Great finds, Robin! The stool is charming...I've been trying to decide whether to do the same to my little stools in my kitchen...

  4. I think my husband would argue with you on the stool point. He rolls his eyes when I bring in another stool. The trouble is, my children have a way of removing stools from my house. We visited both of our kids yesterday. At my son's house I was surprised when he brought out a stool for me to sit on and it was one of mine. The same thing happened at my daughter's house.

    I love the shade you chose for your stool. I just bought Miss Mustard Seed paint in Eulalie Sky and hop to get a dresser painted this week.

  5. That is really good news about your sister, Robin. What a cute little stool. It makes me think of sitting outside and the beach. xo Diana

  6. What a nice blog ;-) Beautiful pictures and great "makeover" of the stool ;-)

    I am glad to hear that your sister is feeling better.

    Have a nice day! Enjoy it ;-)

  7. I AGREE...Stools and lanterns are some of my favorites! Love what you did with this stool. So glad your sister is on the mend :)



  8. I agree that you can never have too many stools and I love your little lantern. I found a thrift store stool this year and repainted it as well. The legs are almost identical to yours! Love that you were brave and did such a pretty pop of color. Have a great day!

  9. Welcome back Robin! Glad you could take care of your sister!

  10. Hi Robin, Your little stool makeover is very cute, it would look great anywhere, a stool that sweet.

  11. It's beautiful, Robin! I have been out of the loop as well. I am making time to visit all my favorite blogs today. I can't keep up most of the time, but I enjoy visiting here. Sending you & your sister hugs and praying for a quick recovery.

  12. Robin, hope you're doing okay?

    Hugs ~ Mary


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