May 2, 2014

Fun Finds

Once again I have some fun stuff to share with you from my weekly thrifting trip.

First up is this sweet corner shelf my eleven year old called dibs on as soon as she saw it.

I think it looks great against her pretty teal walls.

I am beyond delighted about these next two finds.

Vintage garden tools are way up near the top of my wish list this time of year so of course I couldn't be more pleased to have found two items to add to my collection.

First a pretty green colored pruning shears.
Isn't the color fantastic?

And Second, a yellow painted handle on a weeding fork.

I love how both items look well used.

Next up was this pretty white bowl.

To which I added a stack of new to me playing cards

And last but by no means least, a beautiful ceramic barn.
I have always wanted a toy sized barn and this one will tied me over until I find one that I fall instantly for.

Hope about you?

Any fabulous finds?



  1. All great finds!! My favorites are the barn and the green vintage shears! Very cool!

  2. Grat finds, Robin! Your daughter has a good eye! Love vintage gardening goodies!

  3. I actually have, shared it on Sunday, but love your Dibs and that barn the most!!!!

  4. Great finds! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Friday...

  5. Loving those old garden tools~~~especially the pruners, that paint!!!

  6. Those vintage garden tools are just fabulous, Robin! Love!!

    xoxo laurie

  7. Wow, you outdid yourself this week! Don't blame your daughter for nabbing the shelf, love it and yes it looks fabulous on her blue walls. The vintage gardening tools are tops. And the barn! Outstanding!

  8. All is awesome, I love finding new things! :-) Thanks so much for sharing today. Have a great week.

    Note: on May 9th forward you can find me at my new ULR please make note of the change. Thanks hun. :-)


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