May 20, 2014

Spring Time in the Dinning Room

Today on this beautiful spring morning I have a newly redecorated Dinning Room to share with you.

The finishing touches were added just this morning.  How about that for a great start to the day!  LOL.

 I am very much enjoying the pretty, simplicity of the room and hope you do as well.

On the table, a simple white soup tureen is filled with gorgeous white roses.  
I just love white roses, don't you?

So classic.

For a little something special, I added a pretty silver tea-light holder ...

...and a vintage set of salt and pepper shakers.

For an extra layer of softness, I placed a pretty table runner width-wise across the table.

I found this gorgeous fabric at the thrift store just last week.  
It was just long enough to fit the table perfectly.
This morning, I cut it to the size I wanted and frayed the edges.  That was all I needed to do for a pretty springtime table runner.  The subtle hint of blue helps blend the Dinning Room into the colors I have going on in the adjoining Living Room. 

Behind the table I kept the shelf, the blackboard and my favorite sign.

Hoping for a simple, airy looking display I rounded up a few favorite items to help me out.

Items like pretty, white pitchers and serving pieces.

And clear glass candlesticks for some sparkle.

To help down-play the black of the chalkboard, a homemade boxwood wreath was hung over the edge of the frame.  I think it added a  fresh springlike look.

If your interested in making your own boxwood wreath, you can take a look at the tutorial on how I made mine here.

All in all, I think I accomplished my goal of a pretty, airy look for the space.  
I'm liking the fact that it seems to have a very classic look also, something I've been craving lately.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll talk to you soon,


  1. Very pretty and calm looking!

  2. Love that chalk board frame and the wreath...super cute

  3. Looks beautiful, Robin! Love the white, calm, and simplicity!


  4. Beautiful! So fresh and lovely :)


  5. This looks so nice and bright! I love all the white :)

  6. Oh, I just love how you've styled your dining room shelf, Robin! Now you've got me wanting to make a faux boxwood wreath. Very pretty!!

  7. I LOVE everything about this space, Robin...especially the look of the wreath on the chalkboard! Really a lovely room!

  8. So very VERY ready for Spring :)

  9. Love it Robin - simple and so beautiful - my problem with my dining room is some restraint on my part, I always go overboard in my Dining room!

  10. Love the shelf with the chalkboard and wreath! Everything looks so pretty!

  11. Your dining room looks lovely. My favorites are the boxwood wreath and the soup tureen full of roses.

  12. Robin, pretty as always. :-) I will be featuring this post on my blog tomorrow at Tuesdays with a Twist, please stop by and take a look. :-)


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