June 19, 2014

Adding White

You all know how much I enjoy using the color white in my home.  

So when I happen upon a little white treasure I don't often hesitate to bring it home with me.

The newest white addition is this sweet crocheted baby blanket.

The perfect size to use as a lap blanket on a chilly evening.

I love the design of the blanket itself and it's pretty edging.  It's also the softest crocheted blanket I've very touched - so cozy.

It may sort of blend into the background a little, but I am enjoying the extra texture it's given this corner of the living room.

I think it looks so pretty.

And since where talking white.

I just received two new to me decorating books that I ordered.

This one . . . 

Product Details

And this one which I am very excited about . . . 


I have copies of his two other books; New Farmhouse Style and Summer House.  Both of which I love so I am very much looking forward to reading this one.

I'm trying to save them for when we go camping next . . .  I'm not sure if I'll be successful.

Hope you all have a wonderful day,

Bye now,



  1. Love the texture it adds, I may need to look into doing something like that. Your home is beautiful.

  2. It’s beautiful, perfect, and I love it. I am searching for the wall in my house. May have to be a dining room wall, but I have beautiful pieces to share.
    Round Dining Table

  3. I agree with you Robin, it is a treasure! I love crochet blankets and I have one that I found recently with lots of colors, however, I can't seem to get the musty smell out. Washed it twice already and it just smells old, like it was left in an old trunk (Which I'm guessing it was). Did yours have a weird smell? If it did, how did you wash it? Enjoy your new blanket!

  4. It really is so pretty. I love the texture too and the edging is gorgeous.

  5. That is such a pretty blanket! It does add some nice texture.

  6. I have the book, At Home With White and now I want to find a sweet white blanket for our bedroom.

    BEAUTIFUL blanket.

  7. It does look beautiful, Robin...and restful! I love the texture, too!


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