June 17, 2014

Hayward Flea Market Finds

Going to the Flea Market in Hayward, WI is always a highlight of my year.

I look forward to it all year long and it's always a good time.

If your ever in the area, it runs all summer long on Mondays.

Here's what I found this year.

A stack of red baby books,  I love baby books!

A pretty hand stitched pillow case with adorable blue birds and a stitched remnant with flowers that I hope to add to a pillow cover.

A vintage cookbook to add to my collection.

Horse show ribbons from the 70's. 

Love these, just have no idea what I'm going to do with them.

A chicken crate!

Hubby thinks I'm crazy, but it was three dollars - - crazy to pass it up I think.

I'll use it somehow on my gravel patio this summer I think.

A metal watering can to add to my collection!

I was very excited about this find.  It's not in great condition which makes it perfect to use as a planter.

And finally, my favorite find of the flea market . . . .

A vintage sled.

I have been looking for one in my price range for years, this one was only twenty-two dollars - I was nearly hyperventilating. 

I had never seen one like this before, which made it even more special in my book plus the colors are perfectly gorgeous.

All in all it was a wonderful flea market trip for sure.

How about you, any flea markets coming your way?

Bye Now,



  1. Thanks for the tip on the Hayward flea market. I was just saying the other day that I need to get to at least one flea market this year. I'll have to check the map to see how far Hayward is from us. How big is the flea market? We ususally go to the one in Cedarburg but have missed it the last 2 years. It's HUGE. BTW, I love all of your finds!

  2. WOW-[ That sled was really a find! I have never seen one like it either. I have been to Hayward several times. We have friends that live on the water there. Isn't Hayward where they have that giant Muskie? lol Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  3. The sled is so cute, but doesn't really fit at my beach house so my favorites are the watering can and the lovely linens. I am in love with vintage linens though I don't have much.

  4. Love the can, love the chicken crate!! And love just about everything else. I didn't even know about the Hayward Flea Market. Thanks for letting me know. Great finds, all!

  5. Glad you had such great finds! Makes me miss my sweet home town. I'm heading back there this weekend, and now I'm wishing I could stay until Monday! haha

  6. Oh you did have some great finds, Robin! The chicken coop is great...and OH the sled...it is a beauty! I haven't seen one like it! Wish someone would start a weekly flea here!

  7. Love the red books too and that sled is beautiful Robin!

  8. Wow...you found some wonderful "stuff"!

  9. Our nearest one is held every Sunday...always a treat waiting for me!

  10. Oh so many lovely thing´s...
    It´s always a pleasure to take a look at your beautiful blog!
    Have a sunny summerday.
    Love Titti

  11. I recently saw a metal watering can planted up with succulents. I've been on the lookout for one so I could reproduce it...

  12. Awesome finds. If we ever went shopping together we'd be wrestling each other over the finds :) You bring home exactly what I would have!


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