June 3, 2014

Glorious Gardening

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope your week is going well.  Here at my house it's the first week with the kids on summer break.  We're all adjusting to our new schedules.  The kids are in an uproar about their chores and I'm just trying to find time for all my essential daily tasks.  Hopefully, things will settle into a good routine that will give the kids plenty of activity time and a little mom time too! 

Lately, I have been spending every free moment I can in the garden.  I even worked it out to have two marathon days where I've spent eight plus hours in the garden in one day.  Those are my favorite days.  There just always seem to be something to do in the garden.

For those of you who garden, you can probably relate to the mad dash it takes every spring to get ready for planting.  It seems like here in Minnesota with our weird, cold spring we had only about a week to prepare and get ready.

So I scrambled around, starting in the veggie garden, preparing and amending the soil.  Drawing up a planting plan and then getting everything planted.  Mulch finished up the project and then of course it's time to weed again.  LOL.

My trusty garden companion has been with me the whole time.  She chases birds and squirrels out of our yard and barks at people walking by through the fence. 

 If she's not sitting in the flower beds right next to where I'm working catching a breather,  she's on a continuous loop around the yard making sure everything is on the up and up.  

I think she enjoys her garden time as much as I do.

The veggie garden has been planted and mulched.  
We're on the look out for new seedling on a daily bases - - most day's we are pleasantly surprised with the gardens progress.

Ms. Shell Bell and I planted sugar snap peas, cucumbers, onions, zinnia's and more pumpkins than I should have.  I fear come August the whole space will be over run with pumpkin vines.  But right now, I ok with that.

Once the veggie garden was well on it's way, I started working on weeding the flower garden.  I didn't take an pictures since I have most of it all torn up - I am trying for a more pleasing arrangement.

I did pick up this tiny bird bath from Walmart.  Isn't it cute.  I've planted my favorite annual around it, Cherry Profusion Zinna and can't hardly wait until its all filled in with blooms.  I'm thinking I may have to pick one up for the front yard too.  For twelve dollars - - why not!

I have a few more plants awaiting in the wagons to get planted . . . 

And some more off to the side laying around . . . went a little over board I think, but some of these plants are for the front yard garden - - that's how I justify it.

Oh, and I can't forget the two lilacs for the side of the house.

Speaking of lilacs, I planted one over three years ago and this year is the first time it has really had any flowers on it. 

 You can imagine my excitement.  

I want to rush out and pick them all, but on the other hand I'm waiting, fearing then I won't be able to enjoy it's beauty in the garden.  Ever get that way about a plant?

I will most likely pick a few from the back side of the shrub to bring into the house in order to enjoy them both ways!

And last but not least, it is truly summer time here at Happy At Home.  

How do I know?

Why the hammock is set up just waiting for a lazy afternoon!

Can't wait until one of those days come along.

How about you, any garden work happening at your home?

I'd love to hear ALL about it.

bye now,



  1. Your garden looks great - and so does your garden companion. You mean she doesn't dig up every plant after you plant it? Good dog!!! They're so much wonderful companionship, aren't they!

  2. Everything looks so inviting! That hammock must be a favorite...it would be at our house. :)

  3. I'm waiting for a hammock day myself. Maybe in July? Your garden looks so cute with your picket fence around it.

  4. I love your garden and that birdbath is wonderful.

    I am loving working in my garden a little every day.

  5. You have such a nice sunny spot for your veggies, Robin! I am planting a few plants in containers this year and a little herb garden. We have some new roses to plant, too! Loving this beautiful weather!

  6. Ahhh I am loving that hammock! We have a good spot for one on this new property as well! Seeing yours out and saying" come nap on me" is a good reminder to get ours up! Enjoy!


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