June 16, 2014

Vacation Recap

Once again I have been a bad blogger!

Last week the family and I took off for our first week long camping trip of the season, and bad blogger that I am forgot to let you all know I was going to be gone!

I had every intention of writing up a quick post to keep you informed, but in the busy time leading up to our departure I was running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done and forgot all about it.

We had a wonderful time and even better weather.  Only one day was a little rainy and cold.

We all kept busy swimming, kayaking, and atving with plenty of campfire time each evening.  I'm embarrassed to mention I fell asleep at the campfire not once but twice . . .the kiddos thought is was hilarious!

The highlight of our camping trip for me every year is the flea market on Monday's.  Tomorrow I'll show you all the fun stuff I found.

We look forward to our trip to Hayward every year and it was not disappointing.  We were having so much fun it was very hard to leave it all behind and travel back home.

It always feels good to be back at home though.  I even had a surprise awaiting me . . . my peonies were in bloom!!!!

I scurried out to the garden bright and early this morning to pick as many as I could.

I then scattered them all over the house.

A bucket for the kitchen table...

A few for my bedside table...

Some more for the shelf in the kitchen . . .

Of course the dinning table needed some too . . .

I didn't forget the living room either . . .

And since flowers are so fun to share, I filled two enamel pitchers with peonies to give to my wonderful neighbor who made sure my garden didn't get too crispy while I was away.  I can't wait to bring them over to her this evening.

Bye now,



  1. I think that family time is a valuable thing to have these days. o have fun with your family and take those breaks when you need to....The flowers are just lovely...My peonies are all gone....at least I think those are peonies...Love the granite cups and the tin bucket.. Have a great day.. blessings!

  2. Sounds like a fun time. The flowers are gorgeous!

  3. So pretty up Hayward way...haven't been there in many years now! Glad you are having fun, there's nothing bad about not posting and enjoying life! Your peonies are beautiful!

  4. It sounds like you made wonderful family memories, Robin! These are the times your girls will remember fondly when they're older. We stayed in Hayward last year and brought our kayaks to enjoy time on the water. It's a charming town, but unfortunately we weren't there for the flea market!

    Your peonies are gorgeous!! I had tons of them at our old house and I've missed them over the past decade. I finally bought a new plant yesterday and I need to get it in the ground. By my estimation, it will be a few years before it blooms for me.

  5. What beautiful flowers to welcome you home.

  6. Gorgeous peonies! Y'all are so late getting them, ours have long gone. I always try to leave them so the yard looks pretty but I think you got more for your money by cutting and bringing them inside to enjoy. Do yours come in with ants all in them? Mine do! So glad y'all had a fun vacation, it's always hard (but good) to come back home.



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