July 9, 2014

A Hankering For . . . Glamping Time

With camping season in full swing I can't seem to shake the desired for a little camper to fix up and take camping. 

Hubby thinks I'm crazy, and sure it's not at all practical for the family but I image it would be so fun to show up at a campground pulling any one of these fabulous examples . . . 

1947 Westwood Coronado vintage travel trailer

Stunning Restored 1954 Airstream Flying Cloud Travel Trailer

absolutely swoonworthy vintage camper!


such a lovely #shabby #caravan

Vintage Camper

Of course one of these might be needed too!
Airstream Cookbook, Cooking on Wheels by Arlene Strom - Vintage Travel Trailer and Home Decor

They are all so cute don't you think.

Do you want one too!



  1. Love it! This has been my fantasy lately too...I even started a pinterest board called "I'm a happy camper" and pinned a lot of these same pictures - they are just so adorable!

  2. Aren't they great? It would be fun to fix one up!

  3. I want one too. I think I have my husband on board as well. Maybe after we sell our house we can start looking. I have a camper for my fairy garden, one that is a picture frame, a book of campers, and an Origami Owl camper charm. Now just need the real thing. Love the photos. My brother and mother worked for Airstream, so they have a special place in my heart....just not in my pocket book.

  4. since I live in a 37 foot 5th wheel trailer I could always use one of these smaller units as a craft room!

  5. How fun! These campers are darling. I am not a camper at all but these make me want to own one (if only my husband wasn't such a loud snorer)

  6. We had a camper growing up and summers were spent on the road, once for 5 weeks through the western states. Yes, makes me long for those days around the campfire.

  7. So darling & girlie - shall we just go together & leave the boys and kiddos behind?

  8. I would have to take #3 with the red accents - too cute!!! ~ Mary

  9. My daughter and I bought a caravan last year it is 32 yes old. Starting this year we are going to refurbish it in a nautical theme. O can hardly contain my excitement. We have named her Priscilla xx


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