July 22, 2014

Home Again

Home Again, Home Again,

As much as I love vacation it's always so nice to be home again.

The family and I; along with my parents, my sister and her family took last week off for some camping time.

It was wonderful!

The weather was amazing, it seemed almost like fall with cool temps in the morning and then heating up just in time for afternoons at the beach.

We all had a great time, filling up our days with hikes, ATV rides, beach time and swimming, naps and plenty of campfire sitting.  It was the most enjoyable week.

On the trip home, things got a little crazy

You see,  we normally travel caravan style from my parents home to wherever were going.  Grandpa leads, followed by my sisters family in there RV, followed by my hubby in our RV, and I normally am the caboose in the rear pulling the ATV trailer.  

Looks a little like this.

Well for some reason or another hubby ended up in front followed by Grandpa, then my sister and myself in the back.

An hour from my parents place, hubby was ahead of the caravan by a mile or so  . . . my sister pulled off for a pit stop . . . placing Grandpa (dad) and I in a mini caravan on our own.

Three miles down the road things got a little hairy - - FAST.

All of a sudden Dad's truck and the RV he was was pulling started swerving wildly followed by sparks flying everywhere.

Being a ways behind dads I of course started slowing down immediately not knowing what was going on!

Then all of a sudden a tire shot straight up, flying up at least thirty feet into the air . . . it bounced off the top of an overpass ahead of me and then down onto the highway in which I was driving.

In awe, I quickly realized as the tire continued to bounce down the highway towards me that we were about to get hit . . . and indeed we did.

It all happened in under a half of a minute!

Luckily, no one was hurt and both dad and I were able to drive our vehicles toward the side of the road without further incidents.  A blessing in which we are both very grateful for.

My poor truck needed a tow . . . 

You can see here the damage where the tire hit the hood of the truck.

We are so lucky it hit the hood and not the windshield.

The tire came from the back of the passenger side of Dad's truck.

It seems all the bolts just broke off at one time.

Of course both his truck and RV needed to be towed also.

It was crazy, sure to be a good story and a day the kiddo's won't soon forget.



  1. Glad you had a nice vacation.. What a terrible accident but like you said you were lucky.

  2. So crazy...and I'm so glad it didn't hit your windshield, and no one was hurt! Glad you had a wonderful vacation, too!

  3. Wow! Thankfully no one was hurt. Could have been so much worse. Sounds like it did not effect your vacation, thankfully :-) get always are so fun!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. That is so scary! So glad everyone's ok.

  5. So thankful none of you was hurt!!! ~ Mary


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