August 28, 2014

Container Gardening In Galvanized Buckets

Good Morning!

I love the look of pretty flowers planted in rusty, banged up galvanized buckets.

For some reason the look speaks to me.

I've been slowly growing my collection of galvanized buckets over the past few years and my favorite place to use them is on the gravel patio I have in the back yard right outside my back door.

The patio is mostly shaded so I tend to use pink Impatiens every year.

To make planting up buckets of flowers go faster I have a little "cheat" to share with you.

I buy hanging planters when they go on sale in the spring normally from Lowe's or Menards and simply plop them right into the buckets.

Sometimes the buckets are too large and the plant falls to the bottom of the bucket.  

To remedy this problem here's what I do.

I take a piece of 1X4 and cut it to size.  
Next I cut off the corners.
I then have something that looks like this.

I take the piece of wood and wedge it down into the bucket to form a platform, like this . . . 

Next I make sure that the bucket I plan to use is has a place for water to drain out of it. 

Sometimes the bucket has natural drainage holes, other times I have to make a few.

Then I plop the hanging plant into the bucket...

cut off the plastic hanger part...

And I'm done! 

Perfectly planted buckets of flowers!

Quick, Easy and gives me the look I want all summer long!

Bye Now,



  1. I love this look, too! So cute! And the more banged up, the better! :-)

  2. I love old galvanized buckets and trash cans....the older the better.. love the rust and look.. Great planter! I have a few too. Have a great weekend.. Blessings!

  3. Your flowers are looking so beautiful! I love galvanized buckets too :)

  4. I love this look too :-) never thought about using a hanging basket and just dropping it in...GREAT IDEA!


  5. These are so pretty, Robin...and I love the platform idea, too!


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