August 21, 2014

Simple Curtains From A Vintage Sheet

Good Morning!

I recently found a vintage sheet at the thrift store that had me gasping in delight. 

 I fell for it's pretty color and unique design at first sight.

The colors worked perfectly with my bedroom's summer decor.  

After debating about how to use the sheet I finally decided curtains would be the best.

I simply cut the sheet in half lengthwise and finished the edges with a quick hem.  

I then added a rod pocket at the top by folding the fabric over three inches on the back side and than sewed it in place.

I decided not to trim the length of the curtains at all - - I like how they puddled on the floor.

It was so easy - - in less than ten minutes I had brand new curtains.

I didn't line the curtain at all because for privacy
I've used a honeycomb type fabric shade that diffuses light for years.  

I think they look very nice with a curtain layered over them.

When the sun is shinning brightly, the new curtain seem to glow and I think it is so pretty.

I'm loving the way they turned out.

Not to mention the pop of color and pattern they give the room.

So much more pretty than simple sheers that I had before.

Talk to you soon,


  1. Beautiful! Such a clever way to use a vintage sheet, and its such a lovely sheet too - they look just right in the room.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Gill xx

  2. What a wonderful way to use how your curtains turned out...very pretty!

  3. Those are beautiful sheets.

    I have used old sheets for curtains, tablecloths, pillows . . . you name it!

  4. Your pretty sheet makes great curtains. Love this idea.
    Mary Alice

  5. Fantastic find, and fantastic use of your find!

  6. These turned out so pretty, Robin...such a great source of inexpensive fabric, too!


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