August 20, 2014

A Hankering For . . . New School Clothes

Admittedly back to school clothes shopping is not something I've needed to do for myself in say. . . oh . . . twenty years or so.

But how's a girl like me to resist picking up a least a few items for myself while I'm out at the mall with my girls!

It's impossible.

Here's a few things/looks that have caught my eye recently that I'd love to add to my closet.

I am in love with this vest!

Sequins and Things: dallas dancing

This whole outfit looks like something I would wear!

Fall outfit

Then again, so does this one, minus the boots - - not sure if I want to try to pull off red boots.

"Christmas Casual" by steffiestaffie on Polyvore

This sweater . . . the boots . . . and the glove all must come home with me - - - Don't they look cozy!

"Nordic Beauty"

I must find a necklace like this for those days I need to look a little more fancy but I'm feeling frumpy.  
Plaid shirt and jean jackets always make me feel better.
Source - Not found

And speaking of comfy, what about this outfit.  

Cute and comfy - my favorite combo!

The Jean top and bottom with the long shirt - - oh and the bag!

Sense there is no such thing as too much plaid, I am digging this jacket - - big time.
Love the coat and the boots

Wait a minute . . . 

I think I'd like this jacket instead!
jacket love

What about you?

Are a few things for yourself thrown into cart while back to school shopping?



  1. I love all of these fun fall outfits...and you'd look great in those boots, Robin...go for it!

  2. I snatched up one of these vests earlier this summer and I cannot wait to wear it this fall!!! All this plaid has me begging for September and October but they can get here and take their good old time because I am not ready for winter just yet!!!

  3. I wish! Can't right now you know, but crushing on that vest too Robin!

  4. Thank you Robin for your visit and beautiful words....
    I too have been school shopping and shopping for my college student last year in college :) yay!!
    But I think we will always get in on the school shopping hoop-la !

    See you soon.

  5. Cute, Cute outfits!! Love all the inspiration for fall.
    Mary Alice


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