September 22, 2014

A Bit of Fall

Morning All?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Can't really say what I did this past weekend, I know there was some shopping, some football watching and some much needed nap time.  Otherwise it all  seems like a blur and here we are once again on Monday morning with all the craziness that involves.  

I did have a chance to start my fall decorating this weekend though.

The desk in the living room seemed like as good of place to start as any.

I just started layering items until I liked the look.

Started with a crisp white runner . . . then added my rustic centerpiece platform I built way back when (check it out here if you'd like) . . . 

Next I added this candle holder that I think look fabulous with the farm sign above. . . then added a book under it to give it a little boost and add some more texture.

I figured fall was a good time to start digging my tarnished silver piece out of storage . . . so I filled a sugar and creamer set with pretty white feathers and added them to the mix.

And of course what's fall without a few pumpkins, so I added two tiny white ones I'd picked from the garden. . . a few loose feathers tucked in around the pumpkins and I called it finished!

Quick and simple decorating is what I've been craving lately and this fits the bill to a "T".

Are you like me and just starting to decorate for fall or are you way ahead of me and finished already?


  1. Robin,
    Love it all. It looks so great. I always love the Springbrook Farm sign. The feathers in the silver and the baby boos it is all so cute. The candle holder is gorgeous. Have a great week.

  2. This is so pretty, Robin! I'm always attracted to formal balance in a vignette...beautiful!

  3. It looks great Robin! I need to get started decorating my interior.. I have placed several pumpkins and gourds outside...Loving all the cool weather here.. Ready for a great Fall. Have a great week. Blessings!

  4. Simply stunning! And that lantern. Want it!!!!!!


  5. Very pretty! Loving the light and white fall look!


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