September 19, 2014

Fun Finds


I feel like I'm on a bit of roll at the thrift store.  I have been having such great luck lately in finding items that make me squeal in delight.

Like these two hand-stitched table runners.  
Aren't they just lovely!

And this gorgeous pillowcase!
The scalloped edge put me over the top!

A girl can never have too many white napkins, don't you know. . . so you bet I was squealing when I happened upon this pretty scalloped set . . . 

And this crocheted edge set!
Can you say "jackpot"?

Oh wait . . . This little bit of sweetness is the Jackpot!

I don't know what it is about these adorable lamb shaped planters that get me so worked up.  Normally I'm not such a "cutesy" type of girl but something about them always has me snatching them off the shelf in glee.

This one makes lamb number four in my collection.  I like to get them out each spring around Easter time.  Can't wait to use this one.

Hope you all are finding some "jackpots" of your own...

bye now,



  1. Oh you did find some goodies, Robin! I especially love the linens with green don't see that very often!

  2. Your lamb is adorable!
    I like the ceramic cat sitting next to a bucket that's common at flea markets. I believe they are of the same era as the lamb. The embroidery is lovely. My grandmother use to put pieces like that on the arms and back of living room chairs.


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