September 5, 2014

Fun Finds

Good Morning Everyone!

I have some amazing finds to share with you this week.

Lets start with my favorite shall we?

You all know my love of glitter house come Christmas time and it seem like for years I have been looking for a vintage version all my own.  Crafting houses myself is all well and good but a vintage house has always been on my wish list.

After this weeks trip to the thrift store my wish has been granted for a whopping three bucks!

Now normally I'm not a "gold girl" but no way was I passing this little beauty up.  

And look!

It's a music box too - - which works - - score!

While I was reeling from my fabulous find I managed to spot a white ironstone piece to add to my collection and this silver serving piece.

Anything silver and tarnished always catches my eye.  This piece is unlike anything else that I have so of course it had to come home with me.

I also found this pretty pedestal dish . . .

I've decided to use it to hold the jewelry that I reach for on a regular basis.

I think it's sort of a fun way to use it, plus it looks pretty on my dresser.

The little ridges work so nicely keeping the small items from rolling around.

Next up is this pretty silver tray.

I'm loving anything with raised edges like this lately (what would you call them - can't think of it right now) and couldn't be happier about finding it at such a great price.

I have it on the dinning room table corralling some pretty items for a quick and easy centerpiece.

And finally, this pretty floral plate inspired a quick changed up for my small kitchen shelf.

I picked up two of these pretty, purple flowered plates - - I thought they were so lovely.

Both are crackled and turning brown in spots which makes me love them even more.

That's it for me this week,

What about you, what did you find?



  1. Squee... so excited you found the vintage gold house!! So cool!! Love the beautiful pedestal. Won't it loo great with a big pumpkin on it this Fall? Love the violet plate too! It is such a sweet pretty piece!

  2. You scored big time! I love the little floral plate and what you did with it. That ironstone platter is lovely!!!!!


  3. Ooh you did find some wonderful goodies this week, them all...especially the sweet little house! I did some thrifting this morning!

  4. I love all of your new finds. I love anything white and silver, so you found some pretty things.

  5. Your silver tray is a " gallery" tray :^)
    I am in LOVE with the divided dish....I have a ton of thrifted silver, but alas, no divided dish! Good for you though!


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