September 17, 2014

Fun Finds

Good Morning!

It's Fun Finds time . . . 

lets start with this beauty . . . Love it's petite size and traditional shape.  I'm sure to have fun finding a place for it around the house.

Next up a tarnished creamer . . . can a girl have too many of these? 

 I think not . . . hubby would disagree.

This next item has got to be the find of the week . . . 


Too excited - - Can't even talk about this one!

Lets just say, a red tractor has been one my wish list for a LONG time.

Nothing can live up to my new the tractor in terms of "coolness" but on the other hand I'm not one to pass up a good looking tool box.

And look, I found a handful of cookie cutters to fill it up with.  

Have you ever seen cookie cutters with backs like this?  I hadn't.

I think they are cool. 

So do the kids.

And last but not least, I came across a great supply of mini tart tins.

I'm hoping to get a little crafty with these and make ornaments for my Christmas tree.

So that's it for this week . . . 

What about you?


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