September 18, 2014

One Last Summer Project

Summer flew by much to fast for my taste and my poor to-do list hasn't seen very much action.

So before I allow myself to transition the house over to festive fall stuff I promised myself I'd complete one last project from my list.

After browsing the list I pick the quickest project I could find.

It took me all of five minutes,

take a look.

I've been collecting vintage milk bottle caps for a while and have even been lucky enough to receive some from friends.  I picked my favorite ones to use on this project for the kitchen.

No joke, this project took maybe five minutes.  

Painted a thrift store frame (used my blow dryer to help the paint dry fast), found a scrap of fabric and cut it to size.  Plopped the milk bottle caps inside the frame and then hung it up in my kitchen.

Project complete!

Looks perfect in my kitchen.

Now I'm off to dig out my autumn decorations and make a big mess!!



  1. Very nice! Your milk top display is perfect for the different size frames from yard sales and thrift shops.
    I wowed to see you can keep candy on your counter. :)

  2. LOVE! Turned out wonderfully and it's perfect there!

  3. This is so cute! What a great little project!

  4. Love those quick and easy projects! This looks so cute in your kitchen.
    Mary Alice


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