September 29, 2014

Quick and Easy Studio Addition

The past few weeks I've been adding elements to my studio space in hopes of making the space more "me".

One such item I added was this wooden cake plate.

It didn't look so pretty to start out with but it was very solid and I thought it had great potential.  

After a coat of creamy white paint it's looking a whole lot better if you ask me.

I'm using it corral craft supplies at the moment.  

It's handy having a few items out and easy to grab when I need them.

Hopefully soon, I'll have finished tweaking the studio so I can show off all the new stuff I've added.

Bye now,



  1. I really like it ... did you make that paper flower? If so will you please tell us how ;)


  2. That is a sweet little stand to keep things looking pretty. I like that!

  3. The paint made it really special and perfect for your how you are using it!


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