January 27, 2015

A Hankering For . . . A New Set Of Dinnerware

I'm in desperate need of a new set of everyday dinnerware!

So I've been doing a bit of online window shopping and now I have a decision to make.

Do I stick to my normal choice of crisp, white dinnerware . . . 

Emma Dinnerware from Pottery Barn

Mikasa Dinnerware, French Countryside Collection - White Dinnerware - Dining & Entertaining - Macy's


Or do I mix it up a little and go with a bold, happy red . . . 

At Home with Marieke Red Dinnerware | Dillards.com

Better Homes & Gardens, Simply Fluted Dinnerware set in Red Garnet

A pop of red and gold dots make Kate Spade's dinnerware a great pick for your registry

Mmmm, can't decide . . . 

Which would you pick?



  1. I say get some red and mix it with your white...best of both worlds!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting me and my blog today, Robin :) I love all your choices, but would tend toward the white myself, then perhaps buy a set of vintage luncheon or salad plates to layer on top of your white. Maybe I'm suggesting that because I just bought some white myself with the hopes of finding the perfect plate to layer!

  3. I agree with Linda. The red would really perk things up! Nice and cheery for winter.

  4. I really like the white and red togetherxx

  5. I love colour, but I would pick the first one, it's so beautiful with the little dots on it!!

  6. that gingham set is hands down my fav. just looking at them. But it would depend what else you have that you can mix and match with. Or if you have any plain white at all - cause I always feel you need some of that. Have fun choosing.

  7. Hey Robin! I'm the worst at making decisions. No matter what I choose I always wonder if I would've liked something else more. I have an all white set my mom found for me at a yard sale years ago. I had intended on adding in some vintage pieces with pinks, purples, and blues. Still haven't go around to it though. If I was replacing mine I would go with white again without any reservations. I also think a mix of one of the dotted white sets and the dotted red set would be pretty. Good Luck!

  8. Oh girl, I'm all over the red - the first red pic, the check dinnerware - I do love it. lol of course the decision is up to you. Can't wait to see what you choose.

  9. Gingham for sure!!!! And then mix it up with white dishes and add a buffallo check tablecloth, too. They will look great with your new floral IKEA pillows.

  10. White. You can always add in color by switching out the salad plates, bowls, etc for color at a later time. That's what I do. (collect salad plates, bowls, etc)

  11. Tough decision for sure! The white is elegant and pretty. The red and red and white is adorable and whimsical. A little of both somehow?

  12. I love white dishes...however I think a little to both like Brenda mentioned would be great!
    Looking forward to getting together with you next month!

  13. if I had the money and space I'd have different dishes for each meal each day of the week and special ones for special occasions! Obviously white dishes can be made special with added, colorful dishes. Yellow bowls for breakfast cereal, blue plates for that sandwich at lunch....I love dishes!

  14. Love the white dinnerware because the food looks so great on it, and I can mix and match it so well, The best part is it goes with everything and you can change your table linens with the seasons or holidays!!

  15. I would pick white, always unless I have enough money to buy two sets. Then I would buy a white set and one with flowers. I think white always looks elegant and you can always add different color table accessories and it always matches. I would also have a look at Villeroy & Boch, That's my go to brand for dinnerware/china.

  16. I would definitely stick with white, and add selected colorful accessory pieces.

  17. Perfect choices :^)
    My main set is Mikasa Italian Countryside. If the English one had been available at the time, I would have chosen it!!
    I also collect red and white and brown and white transferware, so my tables are always all mixed up!
    For special springtime meals we use the white dishes, and then I add mixed up conglomeration of hand painted salad and bread a butter plates....all sorts of flowers. That table is my favorite I think....
    The grandgirls are going to be here for Valentines day :^) They are already discussing how to set the table....should be interesting!!
    Blessings to you,


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