February 11, 2015

Spreading the Valentine Cheer

So yesterday I finally dug out my box of Valentine's Day decorations and started adding bits and pieces throughout the living room and kitchen.

The little shelf in the kitchen received a few items to add a little red.

The heart drawing on the chicken wire frame is my first attempt at water colors.  The girls and I were playing around with them the other day.

I made this Valentine a couple years ago and it is still a favorite item to display each year.

I added a few things to the kitchen sink window as well.

Isn't red and white amazing!

The final touch in the kitchen was to hang a grouping of hanging hearts from the shelf hooks.

Some of the hearts I've made in previous years.  The striped and gingham hearts are new this year.

In the Living Room  I added my collection of vintage Valentine Day card to the tote on the hutch.

I like them all grouped together like this.

I also added some newly sewn mini heart pillows.
After placing them in a bowl, I built a little display around them.
Turned out sort of cute I think.

These little boxes are from Micheal's - I thought they were adorable.

A few beaded hearts where hung around the room as well wherever I could find a spot.

And finally, beadboard hearts were scattered here and there as well.

And that my friends is all this lady is doing for Heart Day this year!

Bye Now,



  1. Very sweet valentine card with the dog that you made as well as all those little hearts.

  2. Everything is so cute!!! I love red & white year round anyway. I especially admire your 'toolbox' arrangement.

  3. Yes red and white can melt your heart - my favorite color combination. Your vintage cards are so fun. The hanging fabric hearts are delightful, and the new mini hearts in the bowl are so pretty. You're a very good stylist, love your vignettes.

  4. I love the tea cup! So pretty!

  5. I told you there was time enough to be creatieve :) and you did A Good job! I love red and white as well. Have A lovely valentine's day!

  6. I love all of your wonderful creations and Valentine decorations...such a cute chicken wire frame!

  7. Your row of hooks are so cute with the adorable handmade hearts. They also look sweet in your kitchen display, and I too love the red toile cup. Happy Valentine's Day!
    xo Sally

  8. Everything looks so pretty...have a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

  9. Great ideas!

  10. Your Valentine decor is very sweet, Robin, I really like your breadboard hearts and I adore the clock that it's propped up against. Hugs, Cindy PS Happy Valentines!!!


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