April 7, 2015

How to Maximize Storage Space In a Small Bathroom

The main bathroom in our home is very small.

Much too small for three daughters.

So lately I have been trying to use whatever I have on hand to make the room function better for everyone.

Storage, as you can image, is at a premium so I have come up with a few way to maximize the storage we do have.

The first thing I did was build a simple shelf out of scrap wood to take advantage of the wasted space beneath the sink - our one and only cabinet.

The shelf took no more than five minutes to put together and doubled our storage space.

Labeled, clear plastic shoe boxes worked great to sort and organize hair accessories and tools.

Miscellaneous other baskets helped corral cleaning supplies, makeup and other bathroom items.

On the doors, I hung simple wire shelves to hold even more.  
Baby wipe container work perfectly to help items from falling through the cracks.

On the other door, I hung a metal basket to store my daughter #2's most used makeup items.

I few years ago I installed peel and stick tiles inside the cabinet and I still love how helpful they are.

It's easy to keep clean plus the baskets slide nicely across the surface.

Another way we added some storage to the room was by filling in an awkward alcove with shelves.  

I finished this project years ago and thought it gave the room some character. 

 Years later I'm loving the fact that it add extra space to store all the stuff my girls accumulate.

Now bins corral hair products, mouth wash, etc. and glass containers hold items like q-tips and cotton pads.

Not to mention, toilet paper is within easy reach - - looks pretty all stacked up - - and doesn't have to take up much needed space in our only cabinet.

These simple changes have made a world of difference.

  Nothing beats a well organized space!

Have a great day,



  1. We have a similar situation...raising 3 daughters in a home where they share a bathroom...2 are away in college now but when they come home it's crazy in there...lol...I LOVE your open shelving...wish I had a spot for something like that...looks great!...stop on by...new post up today.

  2. I have to make this shelf - what a perfect idea! Thank you for the inspiration ♥ Alexandra

  3. I grew up with three sisters. I wish my mother had been as organized with all of our stuff. Maybe we would have had less fights in the bathroom each and every morning!!

  4. I love these storage ideas! Thanks for sharing - these are things even I can do! (uncoordinated with tools :) xo Karen

  5. Lots of great added storage ideas, Robin! Love how the shelf doubles the storage space!

  6. What A great idea. It looks very neat and romantic!

  7. Really good ideas, Robin. Thanks for sharing.


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