June 9, 2015

First Peony Clippings

It's Peony time in my backyard!

I was able to pick three gorgeous blooms at dusk last night - - they first of the season.

Oh how I love this time of year . . . within a couple days I'm sure they will be blooming faster then I will be able to clip them.

But for now I'm enjoying these humble three . . . the first one's are always so very special to me.  They kick off my summer with a beautiful start.

I decided to place each flower is a glass, footed dessert cup and arrange them on a cutting board on the kitchen table.  

Simple and Sweet.

The sparkle . . . the scent . . . the beautiful color. . . 

Simple perfection.

Why, Oh Why, must these gorgeous flowers only arrive once a year!

You can be sure I'll be enjoying them as long as they last.

Bye now,



  1. I love these as well, they are just so pretty! Looks great...... Have a great day :-)

  2. These flowers are so beautiful! Now I finally know the English name :-)

  3. They are so darling ♥ I love how you have arranged them... Alexandra

  4. Your peonies are gorgeous, Robin!! I don't have any in my gardens, so I'm enjoying those of you who post such beautiful photos of your blossoms.
    Mary Alice

  5. These flowers are so pretty and I love how you have them displayed. So simple, yet they make such a statement. I should have cut some of mine because we got heavy rain that knocked them all apart. Now I have to wait for some more to bloom!

  6. They are so lovely, Robin! I really do need to try to grow them again!

  7. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

  8. So pretty! The peonies in the front are done blooming and I didn't get a chance to cut, but the peony in the back is about to bloom, so (if I remember) I'll have to cut a bloom and place it in a pretty crystal vase.

  9. My absolute favourite flower and you displayed them so beautifully, where I live they don't grow well,l I have tried but failed.
    I love gorgeous flowers and always have some type on display even if its just green leaves with silk ones threaded through.
    Love your photos.


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