August 7, 2015

Fun Finds: Church Sale Edition

A few weeks back my sister and I stopped in at a church sale that turned out to be the biggest garage sale I have ever attended.

Room after room of great stuff, we both had great luck finding a cart full of stuff we couldn't do without.

The find of the day, however came at the very end of our shopping and made my day.

I have unofficially been looking for a sofa to replace the one I have in the living room that is falling apart and to my surprise I found one at the sale for a whole ten dollars!

Now the print is a little crazy, some (like me) like it, others (the family) hate it but a little slipcover magic will make it fit into the room for sure.

Take a look!

I'm thinking it's a 70's sofa, but I can't be sure.  However it's a good brand and still in excellent condition.  Makes me wonder if it's been wrapped in plastic for twenty years.  One cushion has a small whole, but other than that I don't think it's been used much at all.  Still very comfortable and firm to sit on and it's the perfect size for the living room.

I like the simple lines and I have to say the fabric is growing on me.  It's perfect for spring and summer.

And how adorable are the little accent pillows!

I'm smitten by this sofa for sure!

Can't hardly believe my luck!

Oh and I clipped a few of my hydrangea's the other day and am loving how it looks with the sofa!

Have a great day.



  1. Love it,the colors are so pretty it makes you just want to smile!

  2. What a steal...such great lines and condition...and I love the fabric, too!

  3. Beautiful Sofa! And what a deal!
    I love the summery print.

  4. It is so charming, Robin! I love it and it looks just perfect in your lovely room!

  5. What a wonderful vintage sofa! The little pillows are so darling. $10.....WOW!!!!

  6. Robin, I love the punch of colour that it gives your room! I love it and what a steal!

  7. Your "new" "old" sofa looks fantastic! Amazing how well it fits into your room, size and color.I say $10 well spent.

  8. Robin,
    What a great find. The sofa is adorable. I love the colors and the print. It looks perfect. Wow and the price makes it even cuter. Great score.

  9. What a great deal! And it looks as if it was made just for your space! :)

  10. Ten dollars?? Wow!! It has great lines! What a find!

  11. Rare you sure you only paid ten dollars for that great sofa? It looks great in your livingroom, WoW! Enjoy it!!


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