September 1, 2015

Plant Stand Love

I love the fact that a simple item can make such a difference in a room.

Take this tiny corner in my dinning room for instance.

My one and only house plant has been sitting in this corner for quite some time now, just hanging out on a simple stool  - - nothing fancy, but I thought nice enough.

Add an actual plant stand and WOW!!, 

magically the room looks ten times better.

(and so does the plant, which honestly is looking a little haggard)

The plant stand was a thrift store find that I couldn't pass up for two dollars. 

 Truth be told, I almost didn't get it thinking to myself the stool I was using worked just fine.  

But after a coat of paint and a little distressing, the stand is now something I "NEED"!

Makes this simple corner in the dinning room just a little more pretty so we can enjoy these last few days of summer with a little class - - LOL.

Oh and in case your wondering, the plant itself is an asparagus fern that I started growing last summer and brought in over the winter - - it's been a house plant ever since.

Hope your all having a wonderful week!

Eight day's and counting til all three of my kiddos will be back in school full time...

Mommy is looking forward to it!

Bye now,



  1. I love plant stands, too...yours is so lovely and delicate with the asparagus fern...

  2. Great deal for 2.00
    My grandgirl started school today! Goes until Thursday and then off Friday & Monday! Weird!

  3. A really nice find! It looks lovely! x Karen

  4. Wow great score. It looks so nice and bright and cheerful by the window. Have a great rest of the week and holiday week end.

  5. Great find! Yours is so lovely and delicate with the asparagus fern! Thanks for sharing!


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