October 30, 2015

Project Challenge #10: Duct Tape

It's time again for another Project Challenge!

This is the second month that I've participated and I have to say I am having a lot of fun with it.

This months theme is Duct Tape,

which I have to admit, threw me for a loop at first.  I spent most the the month trying to figure out what to make but once I settled into an idea it was fun.

Having never made anything out of duct tape before, now I understand why all three of my girls eyes grew big with excitement when they saw me unpack a fresh roll of duct tape from my shopping bag. . . I had to hide it away for safe keeping!

Now that my project is done, that fresh roll of duct tape is fair game for whoever finds it first and I can show off what I made with it.

I found a fun shaped lamp shade at the thrift store and wrapped the whole thing with duct tape . . . .

I then crafted tiny rose buds and leaves to glue onto the frame.

I think it turned out pretty awesome.
Even hubby says it looks nice - which is BIG!

Now I just have to find one of those cool clear glass light bulbs to use and I think it will be really neat!

In case you'd like to make something similar I've put together a grouping of photos to walk you through the steps of the process.  

The finished product is fun and pretty!

Now it's time to catch up with the other inspiring ladies also participating in the Project Challenge this month.

Michelle at Shelstring
Christine at Little Brags

They have made some really fun items.

Make sure to check them all out with the links below.

Why don't you stop and say "hi" while your at it!  


  1. What a great tutorial. The flowers look so pretty on the naked shade. Thanks for putting so much time into our challenge this month. I love it!

  2. Great job and very ironic that I would come across a duct tape tutorial after just using it for a Halloween costume last night! I just did a post on it if you want to check it out! I am off to see the others!

  3. Well, how pretty! I would have never thought you could do something like that with duct tape...pinning!

  4. Can't believe the flowers are made out of duct tape??! Fabulous job Robin!

  5. Robin, omg that looks like it was a lot of time spend making the tiny roses!!! They look awesome and add so much detail. Super thrifty lamp find as well!!!!! LUV IT

  6. I don't think anyone would ever guess you used duct tape. So tastefully done and elegant looking!! Thank you for the inspiring idea! ;)

  7. Looks so fresh and updated with the tape. I love a good lamp shade project. Definitely pinning!

  8. Cute, cute, cute!!! Another project I never would have thought of! I just adore it!

  9. Oh Robin this is so cute. You guys have come up with so many creative ideas in this challenge.

  10. Love it! Thank you.
    Perfect time of year for a project like this for holiday decorations to decide on, and make.

  11. How creative and pretty-great job!

  12. I didn't even know duct tape came in white so you can imagine my surprise that something so cute could come from it. Great imagination and execution. Good job!

  13. Robin, what a gorgeous idea - love it and pinning it! By the way, I've been missing you at the Vintage Inspiration Party - I hope you'll link up each week on Tuesday evening! :)


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