November 11, 2015

How To Sew A Napkin

Good Morning!

This Thanksgiving Day quickly approaching I've been thinking about how I want to decorate by table for the big day.

I have really enjoyed the look I've giving the Dinning Room for fall and I'm not really ready to give it up yet so I've decided to keep most of the elements and just add to it.

I made a few flannel napkins for the table to see how I like them and I have to say they are so nice to use.  Soft and durable, plus they give the table a rustic look I think, which I love.

I originally only made four napkins, but after using them the past month I have decided I need more!

They will be perfect to use on Thanksgiving day or any day for that matter.

I will need to make another ten napkins for the big day and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show you all just how easy it is to make some of your own.

First of all you'll need some fabric, I've used flannel because I'm obsessed with it right now but any fabric will work.

The next step is to cut your fabric to the size of napkin you would like.  I like a napkin on the smaller size so I've cut my fabric into a ten inch square.  Any size you'd like to make will work.

Next, you will sew a simple seam all around the outside of the fabric with either an 1/8" or 1/4" allowance on the outside of your seam.  
Like I've shown below.

The final step to making your napkin is to start fraying the edges of the fabric until you've almost reached your seam line.  Work on one side of the fabric at a time and then work your way around to all four sides of the fabric.

And that my friends is all that's needed to make a napkin.

Super easy and it doesn't take more than ten minutes to make a single napkin.

My favorite type of project.

I've made a short video tutorial on the how it to it also if your interested that link is below!

Hope you all have having a wonderful week,

Bye now,


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  1. Such a fun idea, Robin...they'll be perfect through Christmas, too!

  2. Loving all your sewing videos, Robin! They're really helpful (especially understanding how to join all the patchwork squares!) These napkins are adorable and it's great they tie in the blanket in the living room. :)


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