November 9, 2015

How To Sew A Patchwork Quilt

Good Morning!

Today I'd like to share with you my latest sewing project - - a quilt for my daughter!

It turned out really well and was fairly easy to sew together since we wanted a simple patchwork style.

She is really into the black and white color combo right now, so this is perfect.   

And when she tires of it I will sure to be able to find a spot to use it since it's got that classic look that I like.

I used a backing fabric of fleece to make the quilt nice and cozy, plus a cute accent fabric for the binding.

I think it looks really nice with the color of the walls, which truthfully, I wasn't sure what we were going to end up with.

Both my two youngest daughters share this room so coming up with a wall color they both liked was a difficult process.  Now we are in the process of adding some personality to the room that reflects each of them individually.  

Having added the built in bed a while back has allowed us to create a personal space for each of them and I really want to make their bedding something they love.

(you can check out my post about the built in beds here, if you'd like)  

My daughter is very happy with the result which of course makes me happy about it also.

I made a video tutorial if you like to watch it below . . . 

I forgot to mention in the video that I ended up using ten blocks to make one row and I sewed together a total of 18 rows to make a generous sized quilt to fit her twin bed.

Please keep in mind if you are planning to sew something similar - - if her bed would have been more of a traditional free standing bed instead of the bunk bed type that the built in is I would have probably added a few more blocks to each row to add some length for it to hang down farther on the sides.

Hope you all have a wonderful day,

and I'll see you soon,


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  1. It turned out very pretty, Robin! It looks perfect with the wall color and the accessories. A great idea to add the fleece, too. Hope you have a lovely week. x Karen

  2. love the black and white and yes it would match anywhere! Saving because I want to do a cowboy quilt with bandana squares (sooner or later).

  3. Great, great post!
    I did learn a lot. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Besides, the white and black contrast works perfectly.
    Lots of hugs from Potugal.

  4. Very nice choice of colors! I love it! I made a!! thats it for this girl :) It was a very easy pattern as you have chosen, but it is probably my one and only!!

  5. The quilt turned out so cute! I love the wall color and pillowcases, too! The girls must love their room!

  6. thanks for doing the great tutorial. I've been saving material to make a quilt but need to learn how. You make it look easy!

  7. So cute Robin!! You create so many beautiful sewing projects. I love the classic black and white too. And It's so pretty with the wall color.


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