November 27, 2015

Project Challenge #11: Beadboard

Good Morning Everyone!

It's time once again for another Project Challenge!  

The theme for the the month of November is Bead Board!

Bead Board! You say?   

Oh yes, I'm a fan !!

Let's just jump right into what I did with a few scraps of bead board along with a quick tutorial and then we'll get you hooked up with all the fabulous projects from the other ladies participating in the challenge.

Take a look at my finished project . . . 

Cute right!

I had been planning for months to craft some dove ornaments for my Christmas tree out of card stock this year but then Project Challenge time rolled around and I thought why not try to make them out of bead board instead!

I'm so happy that I gave it a try since I am now obsessed with my bead board doves I've made over a dozen of them already. . . may have to stop soon or get a bigger tree - - hmmm, decisions, decisions.

To start my project I first had my daughter (since I can't draw - - at. all!)  draw out a template for me.  I was able to cut out the design with a pair of scissors all by myself, LOL.

I then took two small scraps of bead board leftover from my kitchen remodel and slid together the two pieces to make one larger piece . . . 

Then taking my template, I traced the design onto the bead board, being careful to keep the design centered along the line where I attached the two piece of bead board.

Then came the fun, yet sort of scary part...using my scroll saw.  I gently pulled apart the two piece of bead board to revile two separate sections of the dove to be cut out.  Placing one piece on the scroll saw at a time, I slowly cut along the lines I had previously traced. 

The next step is to gently sand down all the edges so everything was nice and smooth.

Followed by finally gluing the pieces of the dove together.  I started by adding a little hot glue to the grooved side of my bead board then quickly slid the other section of the dove into the groove making sure the edges lined up evenly.  Then using more hot glue I attached the wing.

And it looked like this!

For paint I started with a black base and then brushed on an off white top coat.  After it was dry, I took some fine grit sandpaper and distressed the edges to revile the base coat color.

And finally, I added a loop of pretty lace to the back with more hot glue to make a loop for hanging my doves on the tree.

I just love how the finished project turned out!  

Since I don't have my Christmas tree up yet, I hung them from the shelf hooks in my kitchen and I think they look great here too!   May have to make so more just to have extra's to hang here!

I had so much fun with this project . . .  now lets go check out all the other fabulous projects from the challenge!

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  1. I'm in love with these and thinking my scroll saw and leftover beadbaord is yellin' my name!! Thank you for the wonderful idea! ;)

  2. I NEED to make some of these--so cute and simply lovely!

  3. Hi Robin, what a sweet idea to make ornaments out of the bead board. They turned out awesome and you took gorgeous pictures as always!

  4. I absolutely LOVE these! I showed my hubby and told him I want him to help me make some next year - I doubt we will have time this year but I so want some!

  5. I just love your beadboard doves so much!! I don't know that I'd ever have the courage to use a scroll saw though! They look so good on your hooks!

  6. My heart skipped a beat when you posted these earlier this week. They are sooo pretty and sweet! I need to figure out how to make them even though we don't own a scroll saw. Thanks for the inspiration! ;o)

  7. They are WONDERFUL,Robin! What a lovely project!

  8. Your doves are adorable! The beadboard and paint job make are perfect together.

  9. Robin,
    These are adorable. They are just so sweet hanging like you have them. Hope your turkey day was a good one.

  10. I love your birds. You did a good job!!


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