January 6, 2016

6th of January and I'm Behind Already!


Hope your all doing well!

I was hoping to announce today that I'm back from the mini blogging break I've taken over the holidays but sadly, that is not the case.

Let me explain . . .

It all started five day's before Christmas when out of the blue, WHAM!  I was hit by the flu bug - not cool.

Then amazingly enough Christmas Eve morning I woke up feeling great!  Yippeee!  

Packed up the car, the kids, the hubby and headed out for a extended stay at my parents place for Christmas.

Five day's later we arrived back home, relaxed and hung out for a couple of days with the family then we had nice low-key New Years Eve at home. . . awwww just what I needed.

New Year's day was looking promising until early evening when all of a sudden the flu was back - - with a vengeance!

Now it's the 6th of January, fingers crossed, I'm finally flue free and I'm trying not to panic about how far I am behind on all the things I normally have done by now!

Not a single Christmas item has been boxed up ...

The urge for my yearly crazy, obsessed cleaning frenzy hasn't hit yet ...

All of which is normally finished by now, and I am enjoying a nicely cleaned house ready to take on the new year!

But NONE of that has happens yet!

Not that I'm complaining, no not that, it's more like I'm sharing my stress by talking about it in hopes that it helps me calm down about it.

If that makes sense,

So anyways, after that long, and lengthy explanation (sorry to talk your ear off) I will not be blogging the rest of the week in hopes of making up some lost time.

Instead I will be back to my regular posting schedule next week.

See you then!


On a side note, I splurged and ordered myself a new Erin Condren Life Planner (link here) which I am impatiently awaiting to arrive.

In the meantime life goes on and I am using this makeshift, quickly drawn calendar in my notebook . . . 

Sad - - so Sad

Anyone else like me and still new calendar-less?


  1. SO sorry to hear you've been sick, Robin...NO fun. I printed off some downloadable calendar and schedule pages from pinterest that I'm using now. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. So sorry to hear about your having the flu and then relapsing. Thank goodness for the flu shots! Also, my husband & I got the pneumococcal vaccine and the prevnar 13 pneumonia vaccine. It feels so good to be 'covered'. Flu is one of the leading causes of pneumonia. Take care, Liz

  3. So sorry to hear about the flu & your relapse. I hope you're feeling back to normal soon!

  4. Hope you are back to feeling better soon, Robin. Sometimes you just have to cuddle up and forget about the world. Your health is more important. Take care. xx Karen

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