January 4, 2016

Favorite Projects of 2015

Happy New Year!

This time of the year is always full of such fun and promise.  I love setting goals and watching them become a reality.

I also love looking back over the past year.  Remembering fun times with the family and looking through photos of all the projects I've completed.  I'm always amazed to realize just how much we've packed into one year.

I of course dream of the upcoming year and start making lists (because I'm a list maker) of all I'd like to accomplish during this brand new year.

Because so much of our lives are based on what we've already accomplished, I thought a small round up of my favorite projects of 2015 would set a great tone and get my creative juices rolling for the new year.

I've come up with six projects that turned out better then I could have hoped for and that I enjoy using even now, months later.

Let's get started:

#1:  Tabletop Ironing Board

A very simple project, but one that has because use a great item to have in my studio space and one I reach for time and time again.

You can see the whole post here.

#2:  DIY Rustic Crate

This was one of those projects you hope your able to pull off in the very beginning.  It ended up turning out great and I find it's perfect for holding extra throw blankets in the living room.

The whole post and a tutorial can be found here.

# 3:   Framed Quilt Blocks

This project idea was formed by combining both my love of sewing and the need for some new artwork in the kitchen.  I had a blast sewing up a couple quilt blocks that I've wanted to try for ages.  When the sewing was done, adding the blocks to a simple frame and hanging them above a shelf in the kitchen seemed like such a natural thing to do.

I still love them and can't wait to rehang them after I take my Christmas decor down.  Plus the pop of color they add to my almost all white kitchen is never a bad thing.

The original post can be found here.

#4:  Twin Bed Built-In's

The one big project my husband and I accomplished this year was this set of built-in twin beds for the bedroom of our two youngest girls.

The built-in's made such a difference in the small room by adding some much needed storage and by giving each of the girls their own space within the room.

I truly love how they turned out and the girls do also! 

To check out the whole post visit here.

#5:  DIY Barn Door

This single project changed the whole feel of the living room.  

I have always struggled with the large blank space above the sofa.  Having tried may different options in the past, the addition of the fuax barn door helped set a relaxed, somewhat rustic tone in the room that I love.

So far I have only had it a couple months and the only thing I've hung on it so far has been two different wreaths but I have so many plans for this door - - I am hoping to use a few of them soon. 

Both a tutorial and a video tutorial on how I made this barn door can be found here.

#6:  Sewing a Flannel Blanket

From the very first time I laid this newly sewn blanket over the sofa in the living room it became an instant hit with the whole family.  

I love the gorgeous plaid pattern on it and the cozy, yet lightweight feel of the blanket.  It's perfect for those late night reading sessions on the sofa.  

The rest of the family loves it too, even the dog!  It's been know to be kidnapped into other rooms of the house by various members of the family until I have to go looking for it or I have to snatch it away from a growling not so happy dog whenever I want to use it.

A quick tutorial can be found here.

And because I'm having so much fun with this round-up of projects I thought I'd add one more just for fun.

Bonus Project:  Sewing IKEA Style Cushion Covers

I have used this type of cushion cover over and over this year.  

It's my go - to cover because it's quick and easy and it's a little more fancy that just a plain cushion without any edging.  

I've become so good at making these covers I can sew together a set of them in under a half hour - they are that easy!

To make your own, follow the tutorial  here.

Sure hope you have enjoyed this year end round up!  Please drop me a note below if you are also doing something similar on your blog so I can come check it out.  I love these type of posts.

Bye now,


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  1. You've had some wonderful projects and tutorial this year! Looking forward to more in 2016! Oh! And Happy Birthday, Robin!

  2. These are all wonderful projects that I'm sure you'll enjoy for many years!
    Mary Alice

  3. You get more done in a year than I do in a lifetime Robin! I was amazed as I went through the photos in this post! I adore the built in bunk beds!!!
    I hope your 2016 is as productive, and most of all that you and your family have everything you need to stay happy and healthy!
    sending hugs...

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