February 25, 2016

Project Challenge #2: Clock Face

Good Morning!

It's time once again for another Project Challenge and I just have to say I am having such a fun time with these challenges.

We have such a great group of creative ladies and every month I am inspired by their unique creations.

This months challenge is the Clock Face and I decided to paint up a over-sized clock face which I hope has a farmhouse feel.

I decided to stick with a traditional black and white color scheme which I am totally obsessed with at the moment.

I am so glad I did . . . the finished clock makes me smile.

I love the over-sized scale of it and think it's just perfect for this small table in my Dining Room.

It adds such a great point of interest to an otherwise boring little corner of the room.

If you'd like to see a tutorial on how I've created this clock just watch the handy-dandy video below!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Why don't we go check out what the rest of the group has created for this challenge.

These super talented ladies are sure not to disappoint when it comes to creativity!
So many unique and interesting takes on the simple clock face.

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Jill at Sew A Fine Seam
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Make sure you follow the links below to check out each and every project.

And don't forget to introduce yourself while your at it!


  1. What great ideas for clocks! Your clock is really amazing!

  2. Super cute! Love the black and white and I totally think it has a farmhouse feel!

  3. omg Robin, I love how you have a youtube video here for the directions...WOWSERS, that is wayyyyy beyond me to be able to edit that and put it together.....Super idea. I love your clock and the color choices!!!

  4. This is adorable... love that you made it black and white.

  5. I've always wanted to make one of these, but it intimidates me a tad!! I LOVE how yours turned out. I love the black and white. I'm a little obsessed right now too. I'll make one too one day...I just know it!! ;)

  6. This is AWESOME Robin! It turned out perfectly! LOVE IT!!!
    sending hugs...

  7. I love one of a kind things and your clock is really unique and looks great in black and white. Pretty styling too!

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