March 2, 2016

New Curtains

Have you ever had one of those experience when you pop into a store with a friend because they need to pick up something and while your there you stumble upon something you had no idea you needed?

Well it just happens to me this week.

My sister and I stopped off at our local hardware store so she could pick up some paint.  While we were waiting for it to be mixed up we decided to browse through the curtain section after we spied a sale sign.

Surprise! Surprise! 
I found a set for under twenty dollars that are perfect for my newly decorated living room.

Aren't they just beautiful!

I love the scrolling design.

You may remember how happy I was about not spending a single penny to give my living room a new look.
But now I realize when the right item comes along and it's under twenty bucks, it's OK to roll with it.  Especially when they look this good!

As soon as I got home I put them up and knew right away I hadn't wasted my money.

I sent my sister a quick picture and she agreed!

I was however worried about the fact that the curtains were very wrinkled from being in the package and in my haste to get them hung I didn't iron them first.  

The thought of taking them down just to iron and then replace them seemed like too much effort on my part so I was making peace with my pretty, wrinkled curtains when my sister offered the use of her handheld fabric steamer!

And let me just say, OH MY!  

I am in love with this gadget!

If your like me and have never in your life used a fabric steamer it's mind blowing how simple, quick and easy it is to use.

I was having such a fun time using it I steamed not only the curtain but some cushions, then some clothes (just for fun) and finally another set of curtains that didn't really need it.  I had serious doubts about ever returning it to my sister.

I did of course, but now I think a steamer of my very own is in the not too distant future!

Lucky Me!

Have a great day everyone!



  1. They are a real statement in the room, Robin! Very pretty!

  2. The curtains look great! I love how pets just don't care. Your pup looks very content with or without the curtains.

  3. I've been wondering if steamers work. I could definitely use one!

  4. Love it! The beautiful black and white scroll pattern of the curtains stand out so prettily in the room! I love your beautifully decorated living room! hugs, Poppy

  5. I love the curtains Robin. They look amazing in your room. That fabric steamer looks so much easier to use than mine.

  6. I love the curtains Robin. They look amazing in your room. That fabric steamer looks so much easier to use than mine.

  7. BEAUTIFUL! And what a fantastic buy. No doubt you could put a fabric steamer to good use with all the DIY-ing and decorating you do.

  8. Hi Robi!, i love your love , you have a new follower


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