April 19, 2016

Updated Dresser

I feel like the queen of quick and easy projects lately.

One after the other, I've been flying through my list of project and it feels great.

It helps I think that I haven't taken the time to dream up any MAJOR projects for myself of late.

Small simple projects is how I'm roll'in these days.
(makes me feel ultra productive, he he)

The latest of which I'm sharing with you today!

This hand-me down dresser from my parents originally from my grandmother has been used for years in my daughter's bedroom but recently I relocated it into the family room.

I had painted it white over ten years ago when I first received it, and it held up pretty well.
Despite that it was looking a little rough around the edges, it had kids drawings, paint blogs, unidentifiable stains and some chipped paint.

Needless to say, it needed a little tender loving care.

At first I wanted to give the whole thing a bright new paint color, but after debating over colors I couldn't make a decision.

Time for plan "B".

I decided to work with the existing color.

Distressing the edges of the drawers and detail work was a quick and easy way to give the dresser a little more dimension.  Using some sandpaper, I enhanced the already chipped areas on the front of the drawers, along the edges of each drawer and finally along the detail work of the dresser. 

It gave the dresser a whole new look.
And only took about fifteen minutes.

I also sanded down to top of the dresser and gave that a new coat of paint to cover up all the stains and kids artwork.

Then I removed and replace all the hardware.

Seems so simple, but it has such an impact!

The dresser now has a new lease on life and is no longer the eye sore of the room. 

I've put together a quick video tutorial on the steps I took to update the dresser which you can watch below if your interested.


Have a great day now,



  1. Good morning Robin-
    I know I mentioned linking to TOHOT for your previous post, but this morning I saw this and I thought- she needs to link this too.
    I don't mean to overwhelm you- I just love your projects.
    Just stop by my blog tomorrow to join in.


  2. That looks absolutely fabulous in that spot and I love the girls' caricatures framed above it!



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