May 11, 2016

Craft Studio Tour

Good Morning!

Today I'm sharing with you my favorite space in the whole house.

My Craft Studio!

It's really just a glorified name for a small section of our family room but it's all mine and I love it completely.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to spend a couple hours here singing along to my favorite tunes and contently working away on a project.

This is where just about ever project in the house starts out.  Whether I'm sewing, painting, building or just dreaming,  this is the spot . . . my haven . . . 

So lets get this tour started!

All the magic happens at this great big desk.

My husband loathes it, I adore it.

I found it at a church sale two years ago for a whopping ten bucks for both the desk and the storage cabinet table.  Both are heavy as sin, vintage metal office furniture that makes me feel like I should be an extra on Mad Men when I sit behind my desk.  The wood tones on the tops are not a perfect match, but I can roll with it.

After trying countless configurations for both big pieces in this small space I realized they were the same height and tried arranging them back to back.

It worked perfectly and now I have this great bit space to spread out all my supplies on!

Plus all the storage - oh the storage - is amazing!  I have almost all of my vintage sheet collection (which is large), fabric for future projects, paint, sewing supplies, books, and massive amounts of crafting supplies all neatly organized inside these draws and cabinets.

It's amazing!

On top of the desk I keep a few handy items within reach.

An old Pepsi crate helps me corral colored pencils, fabric scraps, and multiple crafting supplies I tend to reach for often.

Next to the crate I have placed a vintage toolbox filled with mason jars.

The jars hold paint brushes, pens/pencils, scissors, glue sticks, screw drivers, wire cutters, can openers and so much more.

It's so handy to have everything at your fingertips when your working on a project.

On the side of the desk I have propped up a  homemade ironing board and placed a over-sized basket filled with fabric. The pillow on top helps hide the mess inside the basket, LOL.

I also added this tiny little shelf.  It hold my vintage button collection, a jar of ribbon scraps, safety pins, quilting pins and other small items that I have placed in jars.  On top is the home for my power drill.  It seems like I need it on an almost daily basis and after a long time of having to go dig it out all the time I decided this was it's new spot - - not very pretty but VERY handy!

Above the desk I have hung this oversized wicker lamp that I picked up from Ikea.

At first I didn't think I liked it, but now it don't know what I would do without it.

Truly love it now.

Moving away from the desk and onto the rest of the space . . .

I have a ticking stripe covered arm chair and a foot stool for when I'm working on a hand sewing project or looking through a magazine.

Next to it have have a vintage typewriter table that I use as a side table.  The top holds a jar of embroidery thread, a lamp, a vintage camera for fun and scented candle of some sort which I change up frequently.

On the makeshift shelf the legs create I have placed my CD player so I get my jam on when wanted.

Above the chair and table I have hung a set of display shelves.  I adore these things.  Years ago they hung in my living room but have spent a while in storage until just recently when I busted them out again.

To the shelves I've added a sampling of things that both inspire and delight me.

Vintage clocks, candles, pretty photos and drawing my talents little artists have drawn.
I have added a few CD sleeves of my favorite tunes of late also, the covers are so pretty why wouldn't I add them to the mix.

That my friends brings us to the end of this little tour.

 Sure hope you enjoyed following along as I shared my happy place with you.

bye now,


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  1. Gorgeous Robin!! I love the super cool light fixture and Pepsi crate storage - so creative. xo

  2. I sooo wanna come and hang out with you in your craft room!!! Super cool space!

  3. love your studio I could really stay in there all day creating thanks for sharing

  4. Oh, I love it, it's so clean and organized. Naturally I also love the Wi pillow....(says this Wisconsinite).

  5. It is wonderful, Robin! So nice to have a place to get creative!

  6. So inspiring! I am now on the lookout for a vintage toolbox!

  7. Great space! How wonderful to have a super wide desk. Such a cozy and inspiring space.

  8. Love it! You had me at vintage crate, tool box, and mason jars! Those are things that I've accidentally collected...because I can't seem to resist them when I come across them.

  9. Hi Robin--I fell in love with your craft room as soon as I saw it. Everything about it is just so inviting. I especially enjoyed your lunch box and coke box storage ideas, and I think having an easy chair in the room is pure genius (we all need a little break every now and again...). Thanks so much for linking it up with us at Vintage Charm :)

  10. Hi, I love your craft room with all of the great containers that you have found to put your goodies in and your chair is amazing with the wonderful red pinstripe. Have a lovely Thanksgiving! xx Jo


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