May 13, 2016

Fun Finds

My, OH My I haven't had a Fun Finds post in a while.

I have some great stuff to show off today.

Starting first with this pretty cake plate . . . 

Love the fluted edges and the detail work on the base.

Found it just in time to use it for my little ones birthday cake - turned out very pretty.

Next up is a set of pretty white pillow covers.

The photo doesn't do then justice but they have a lovely lace trim along the edges and  pretty detailed design on the front.

I was very excited about this next find - - a lawn chair that in which we can sit straight up in (hard to find) . . . it will need a new coat of fresh white paint but I've been using it just as it is until I can get around to sprucing it up.

And last but not least, I found two glass pedestal bowls that I plan to use for my summer decor in my bedroom.  Love using clear glass in the summer.  It adds a little sparkle which I find very pretty.

How about you?

Have you found yourself some Fun Finds too!

Sure hope so, also hoping you'll share them so I can stop by and check the out.

Bye now,



  1. Love the cake plate!! Is it milk glass? Your cake is beautiful!

  2. I haven't had any luck with garage sales this year but have found a few things at the thrift stores. Love all your fun finds and would love to see how you make over that chair!

  3. Lovely cake plate and that cake looks divine! Happy treasure hunting.

  4. Lots of pretty finds, Robin! This time of year is so fun for sales here! Hope the rain stops!

  5. Great fun finds!
    I love that white cake plate and the white pillow cover!
    Lots of hugs from Portugal

  6. Hello Robin ~
    Your blog is just beautiful!
    Such lovely finds!
    I am a fellow lover of cake pedestals and pretty glassware. I especially love your white ruffle edged cake plate. Your birthday cake looks like pure heaven atop it :-)
    Everything in this post calls to me...


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