May 3, 2016

DIY Gaming Center from Re-purposed Dresser

Good Morning!

If you have kids (or hubbies) that enjoy their Xbox's or Playstation's you know the mess that can quickly happen with all their controllers and game boxes  - - It gets out of control fast!

Not to mention it can tie up the families TV for hours!

In an effort to deal with the "gaming" problem I decided to set up an area in the family room where the kids could have access to their games without blocking the main TV of the house.

I'm calling it the Gaming Center.

I re-purposed an old dresser by removing the top two drawers . . . 

and added a shelf to hold the gaming machines. . . 

The handy-dandy drawers hold controllers and games to keep everything looking nice and neat.

I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Now the kids have a space all their own to conquer villages and fish!  LOL

If you'd like a step by step look at how I changed the dresser into a Gaming Center please take a look at the video tutorial below . . . 

Hope you all have a wonderful day,


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  1. I love that you have a separate place for the kids. That's such a great idea on many levels! ;) I love how it turned out. The white you used is beautiful!!

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