July 6, 2016

Taking a Summer Break

I can hardly believe it's already the first full week of July.

Isn't summer suppose to be all about relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather??

With camping trips, reunions, lacrosse games/practices, and working full time as a taxi driver for all the of the various summertime activities we have the kiddo's signed up for my life has not been very relaxing at all.

With all that is going on, I have been a horrible blogger as of late and with no end of summer activities in sight til the middle of August I have decided to take a blogging break for the remainder of the month of July.

I hate to do it, really I do, but I know that I will thank myself later for not adding more stress to my life.

I won't be completely out of the loop,

Instagram post will most likely still happen . . . 

(you can follow me at www.instagram.com/thesuperwife/ if you'd like)

- OR -

You can keep up with our family activities via the weekly family vlog that I post over on my YouTube Channel.

In case your not aware, over on YouTube I post all of my How-To Video Tutorial in addition to a weekly family vlog.

So if you'd like to know what we've been doing or if you'd just like to get to know the family just a little better stop on by and check out a video or two.

Here is my channel link:  

And just for giggles below is a link to our latest Vlog, 

Well that's it of me for now,

See you all again in August!

Bye Now!



  1. Enjoy your summer break, your pots will be missed and you too. Come soon with a new bang on post.

  2. Love your summer. Great share your story. Wonderful!


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