September 2, 2009

Another Day!

Another day of work on a project that seems to be progressing at a snails pace. A lot of waiting around for paint to dry(Boring!). But these pretty blooms from the garden keep me happy!
Here is another before and after for you.
I painted these chair that have been around for AGES. The kids will use them at their computer desk in the family room. Love the way they turned out and can't wait to get to painting the walls down there - - but. . . One project at a time. I did pick up some fabric today in order to get sewing curtains. So far all the furniture is painted, I have an idea for the curtains, and the paint color has been picked out. Still need to sew the curtains, paint picture frames for the walls and then I will allow myself to paint the walls. Although Husband told me since I thought hanging beadboard was so easy I should also hang it downstairs.

Did I just hear you right!

More beadboard?

Well if you insist!

More beadboard it is. I'll be doing a happy dance all the way to Menard's to pick it up.

Until tomorrow, Robin.

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  1. The flowers are beautiful. You have been painting like crazy! I know ya gotta get it in before the snow starts flying.


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