January 28, 2010

Living Room: Rearranged

We live in a split level home and the first room at the top of the steps is the living room. I feel it needs to make an impression.

Lately it’s been sad and lonely looking.

I’d like to slipcover the sofa. Add some personality. Even thoughts of painting the walls have been swirling around my head. I need to figure out how to marry together four key components.

1. A clean, crisp, airy feeling

2. My love of vintage items

3. Kid friendly room

4. Ever changing colors schemes (it seems I have a different color favorite for each season)

My heads telling me to go white or neutral, I just can’t seem to take the plunge. I’ve been putting off doing anything, hoping a plan would form in my head.

So far – Nada!

I finally said “THAT’S IT - - NO MORE WAITING AROUND”, I just need to do something to help out this poor, sad room until a plan is realized.

I started scrounging around the house looking for anything that would work. I added curtains, moved furniture, and brought in a few accessories until it looked a little more cozy.

It’s looking better.

I need to find some sort of end table for by the couch. The wall above the chair needs something, anything - - just don’t know what.

Any suggestions?


  1. Like the room arranged like this! Love the rug, so cute! What about a salvage window on the wall? You could enlarge one of your fabulous photos and use an old window for a frame?? Hey I finally shipped the cherub those pots and some cute buttons like the ones on the pillow you posted a few days ago, enjoy!

  2. I love the new arrangement - it looks so much cozier and pulled together. And, the window looks great with curtain. Such a huge lovely window, it really frames it.

    I personally think the wall color is a little bright for the colors you have everywhere else, but I am also not sure if the color is producing truly on my screen.

  3. Love teh couch under the window!! I'm working on my Living Room Too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Ahh seems to be going around- the "what do I do with my living room-itis". I decided after Christmas that I wanted my house to lighten up. Less chaos and the ability to change it up when the whim hits me. So, I have been painting all my rooms downstairs a consistant neutral and I am loving the crisp new look.
    I love what you have done- Why not try throwing a white or tan sheet over the sofa and live with it that color for a bit. Also, I agree the walls look a bit off on my computer - a bit to bright..maybe find a nice neutral. I love the wing chair fabric.
    Oh and I agree maybe an old window with many panes and some of your photographs you have been taking would be great there.
    thanks for stopping by my photo 365 blog..

  5. It looks great! The fun part is tweaking things. Loved your heart pillow too. Mimi

  6. Hi, im new to your blog...love the little heart pillow! So cute!!


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