January 27, 2010

Tutorial: Valentine Pillow

This morning I made this.

It turned out so cute I thought I'd would show you how to make your own.  My first tutorial!  Yipeeee!

This is an envelope style pillow cover, super easy to make. You will need three pieces of fabric to form the envelope. Since math and I don’t get along so well, I cheat a little when it comes to cutting my fabric.

I needed a finished cover of 15 ½ inches square, so I cut three pieces 16 ½ by 16 ½.

Next I took two of the cut pieces and finish one side with a double folded hem (fold back 1 inch; press, fold again, press; sew seam)

Here’s where I cheat.

I place the front of the pillow right side up. Next I layer first one then the second hemmed pieces on top of the front piece, overlapping the finished edge by an inch or so. Throw a few pins into it to keep it in place, then I flip it over and using the front piece as a guide I trim the extra off the sides. Now all three pieces are ready to be sewn together. But don’t sew yet; we need to embellish the front of the pillow first!

Cut one piece of contrasting fabric 10” by 10”

Cut one piece of contrasting fabric into a heart shape.

Trace both unto Heat n Bond paper, and cut it out.

Double check the fit of the Heat n Bond by flipping your fabric to the wrong side and placing the Heat n Bond on top (paper side up). Trim as needed. I trim it slightly smaller than the finished piece of fabric in order to avoid getting my iron all sticky from the Heat n Bond.

Once the fabric and Heat n Bond match up it’s time to iron. Place your fabric wrong side up, place Heat n Bond on top and iron. Let cool.

Here's how it should look. 

Now you will have three pieces to put together. 

With your pillow front right side up, place 10” square in the center (remove paper backing first) and iron in place.

Next, remove paper backing from heart, center on 10” square and iron it on.

It should look like this.

Next, using a zigzag stich, sew around both the 10" square and the heart.  I used red thread on the white square and white thread on the heart.  Here's what it should look like.

Next step, pillow assembly.

With right side facing up, place pillow front on table, place one back piece (right side facing down) on top, follow by second back piece.

Pin in place.

Sew around the outside.  Turn right side out and check fit.  If it works, trim seam allowances and finish edges (I use a zigzag stich)

Your done!  Enjoy!

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  1. Great job Robin! Love, love, love tutorials! I like to see how other people do things. Always something new to learn. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Robin, this is just amazingly cute! GREAT job!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Great tutorial! And another super cute pillow!
    When is your shop opening?



  4. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  5. You remind me of me. I am a fix this up and paint this thing, rearrange and make due kind of gal. You really have a decorating knack. Hey come visit my blog. I am having a sweet little giveaway. Maybe there is something there you could use! Love your ideas!


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