January 22, 2010

A Picture Surprise

Have you ever handed your camera over to your kids and let them go wild?

My kids love it!
They have such fun snapping pictures and giggling or sometimes making movies. It’s not unusual for them to fill a whole memory card in an hour. Sure I end up with an uncountable number of photos showing fuzzy faces, feet or hands; But every once in a while I receive a surprise.
A photo I fall in love with.

This morning, while clearing my memory card one such photo popped out at me.

Taken by Ms. Z it reveals a view in our home I didn’t know could look so good. So cozy.
So heart warming.

On a daily basis I spend hours sitting at this computer, working and playing.
It’s become common-place. Familiar. Unappreciated.

This photo speaks to me. It says “home”.
It gives me a warm and cozy feeling in my heart. It’s not often I take the time to enjoy my home. I’m too busy running around taking care of it and the people who live here.

I will cherish it.
It will remind me to appreciate what I have and to take the time to slow things down and enjoy it.


  1. What a beautiful face...you should frame that photo.

    my son uses my camera occasionally but all I find are about 300 photos of starwars figures! Ha!


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