January 25, 2010

Vintage Finds

Good Morning Ladies.  Happy Monday.  Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Thought I would share a few vintage items I've picked up in the last couple weeks that I found beautiful and adorable. 

First, I'd like you all to meet my new puppy friend.  Isn't he the sweetest.  I've been on the look out for cast iron dog figures but haven't had much luck.  Once I saw this sweet little guy, I just knew he had to come home with me.  He's not cast iron, but I love him just the same. 

Next, I found one more silver pedestal bowl (in the foreground). I now have three and am obsessed with them. Always on the lookout for more!

I’ve added a crystallized candle ring to each bowl and love the dark and light contrast. Plus it seems very “wintery” to me.

Finally, I picked up a small milk bottle with red type and a few silver knives.

Not crazy about the knives in the milk bottle, but for now it works. I have them both displayed on the shelf in my kitchen.



  1. Very Cute! Great finds. I finished up the sign...hope to ship by Wednesday...should post some pics soon!

  2. All adorable finds, Robin. I love your new header too :).

  3. You got some adorable things! That silver with the sparkly stuff in it is very cute and wintery. Cute puppy too. Mimi

  4. I am sure getting into anything vintage lately. Come say hi at my creative blog. I have posted what I was up to over the weekend. My granddaughters ages 7, 5 and 4 were here and while they were making Valentines out of my scrap paper, I was making some vintage valentines myself. It is my latest post.

  5. Love your silver... You made a nice haul! Little doggie is adorable. Lezlee

  6. Great finds! The silver pedestal bowl is beautiful!! A cute thing to do with your milk bottle would be to fill with salt...looks like milk!


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