July 12, 2010

Hayward Flea Market

The families annual trip to Hayward WI is always much anticipated for two reasons . . .

#1  - It marks the beginning of summer break and camping season


#2  - the Hayward Flea Market!!!!!!!!

Every Monday from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Hayward hosts a flea market at the hockey arena.  Two arena's filled to the brim with vintage goodies (ooooh, I just got goose bumps - it's that fabulous).

I look forward to it each year.  Two weeks ahead of time instead of making packing lists for camping, you'll find me revising my wish list! (I'm easily sidetracked when faced with so much fabulous-ness - - a list is a MUST) 

By the time we finally arrive, set up the camper and have a ice cold Pepsi to reward ourselves I've worked myself up into a tizzy of excitement!  You'd think I was a five year-old going to Disney World for the first time - - IT'S. THAT. BAD.

Bright and early Monday morning, my wish list in a death grip, we headed into town to the Flea Market! 

I was not disappointed!

I had two items at the top of my list that I was hoping against hope that I would be able to find.
#1:  A vintage fan
#2:  A vintage clock

I didn't even make it inside before I found this bad-boy !!!! 

Can you believe I snatched it up for $5 dollars!
Oh my, this is going to be a great day I thought to myself as I skipped from booth to booth - - OK, not really - - I was very well behaved - - I promise!  I was only skipping on the inside!  Didn't want to embarrass my sister (she's a newbie to flea markets)

Wish list item number two jumped into my market bag five minutes later.  I not only found one vintage clock, I found two sitting side by side looking oh so lovely. 

A black one.

A blue one.

Ms. Blue is a little more beat up and her glass likes to slip around a bit, but I don't care - I love her anyway!

Did you notice the small, black metal box holding up the black clock?  Yup, it's another flea market find that thrilled me. I love it's petite size and it's chippy paint.

Also found a few of these. . .

And one of those . . .

I have to thank my sister for this next find!
Love it's color, Love it's retro industrial goodness.
My sister found it, tracked me down, and dragged me across the arena to show me; demanding me to buy it. Not too shabby for a newbie!  (she has real potential don't ya think?)
So there you have it! 
This Flea Market Loving Junkie had a great day.
I did the happy dance ALL THE WAY HOME! 


  1. Wow! You did good, girl! I love every one of them, especially the black fan. I love that feeling when you find exactly what you are looking for - btw, I bought myself another hotel bell this weekend. On my way to a collection - dare I say the word!
    Glad you had fun!

  2. Oh my goodness! You found some true lovelies! I esp. love the clocks. Beauts.

  3. I just love your new finds! and I've always love the little red tele. Lezlee

  4. I would do the happy dance too! Love love your finds!


  5. Um, can I just say I am super duper jealous... LOVE your finds!

  6. I wish I didn't live 5 states away! Love what you found. Mimi

  7. I had no idea Hayward had a flea market or that it would be SO AWESOME....oh how did I miss this season...now I'll be SOOO looking forward to a roadtrip to Hayward next spring!


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