July 14, 2010

Fourth Of July Photo Shoot

Are you like me, constantly taking photos of your kids?

Most of them are hit or miss in the quality department. 

A professional photographer I am not. 

Nor do I have a fancy camera, just a point and click type.  I rely mostly on photo editing to do all the heavy lifting.

I'm in awe of all the fabulous photographers here in blogland.  While browsing through their amazing examples I've realized I'm drawn to photos with rustic backgrounds. 

Determined to attempt to try my hand at it, this Fourth of July I rounded up the girls and we had a mini-photo shoot.

I chose an old barn as my background.  It's next to my parents home and you may remember is from this post.

I happily snapped pictures, then rushed home to edit them with Picnik.

The result? 

Not too shabby - - Take a look. . .


  1. You can't ever say again that you don't take good pictures ~ these are wonderful! Probably because your girls are adorable. :) I like the rustic settings too and that there's not a lot going on in the background. A simple barn and a pretty girl that's all you need!
    I could never get my boys to do a "photo shoot." I would have to chase them from room to room and get the very casual picture that usually did not include their faces! They are horrible about taking pictures and they never want to smile. I guess it's not cool for teenage boys to smile in pictures!
    Hope you are enjoying your summer days ~

  2. I think your pics look great!
    I'm a new follower

  3. Great pictures! You can never have too many.


  4. They turned out great...and the rustic background is perfect.


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