February 2, 2011

TV Storage

Rene from Cottage and Vine is having a Linky party today.  She's curious about how we all have tackled the TV issue.  I thought it would be fun to join in.

Hubby built this TV space shortly after we moved in seven years ago.  We wanted something to hold the TV and give us a some much needed storage. Over the years it has served us well.

Hubby is bit of a tech-geek, which means the unit had to hold lots of "extras".

He purchased two shelves from a reuse-it center.  The middle unit he built himself.

The top middle cabinet hold another TV during football season and storage the rest of the year.
The top cabinets on either side hold my scrapbooks.

The right side holds the xbox and a shelf for me to decorate.  Behind the doors the shelves hold all the xbox, wii and kennex games along with game controllers.

The shelves on the right hold CD cases that organize our movie collection.  Below that is the controller shelf.  Behind the doors we keep all of our board games.

So there you have it.  Our TV space.

Will you be linking up too?


  1. Yours look great...mine is a thorn in my side! I had a beautiful cabinet that had to go away when my husband decided he needs a much larger flat screen. It's a black hole on the wall and I hate it! I'm going to show him your cabinet. :) I'm all for moving the tv into one of the bedrooms and out of the family room!

  2. Very nice and organized! You have a lot of remotes!

  3. Wow, Robin, your TV cabinet is great! My TV cabinet is an armoire. Not terribly exciting or "blog worthy". :)

  4. Hi, Robin! I am so impressed that your hubby built that...what a great unit. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog today!

  5. Wow! I am very impressed - could your husband come to my house? Not only did you tackle the tv problem, but you gained storage. Win win.

    Thanks for linking Robin!



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