January 15, 2013

A Metal Basket

My sister knows me so well.  
Even though she doesn't share the same type of decorating preferences, she always is able to find the perfect gift that works with my home wonderfully.

This year she found this lovely over-sized wire basket to give me for Christmas.

Isn't it just lovely!  
I think she said she found it at Home Goods, a store I don't normally shop at.

I love the wood handles the most I think.  It's such a nice touch.

I'm sure this perfect basket will be used for a multitude of things in the coming years but for now I've used it stash to a few grain-sack covered pillows in the living room.  It adds just another layer of farmhouse charm that I love so much.

Have a great day!



  1. Your basket is great- love the grain sacks on display.

    My motto is "you can never have too many metal baskets".

    The closest Home Goods to me is a 30 minute drive which is good because I know I could spend a lot of money there.

  2. Wow! What a great basket. That was a wonderful gift from your sister. Love it with your pillows in it.

  3. Very nice!! I just got a similar one at Marshall's. You can use them for so many things in so many differnt rooms. Your sister did a good job!

  4. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift...she knows what you like! Looks lovely with the feedsack pillows!

  5. Robin, I just found your blog...love your pinirest page..The wire basket is lovely..great gift. The pillows are great too. Love your farmhouse style. I am following along. I hope you will stop by and visit and follow along with me...Blessings!

  6. Robin, I almost forgot..Love you header! Blessings again!

  7. Very cute basket. It's a keeper!

  8. That a fabulous basket, Robin, I love it and yes, its perfect in your house.
    Hugs, cindy


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