January 15, 2013

Faux Beadboard Door

Remember last week when I mentioned I was working on a project to hang above the new kids game cabinet
Well it's finally finished and hung.  What do you think?

I was hoping to replicate the look of an old bead board door.  I think it turned out well and it was super easy to make.  The addition of some old hardware would be nice but since I don't have that sort of thing it will have to do as is.

I hung a simple white-washed grapevine wreath with twine from the top to add another layer of texture to the display.

On top of the cabinet I kept things simple with a quick display of a vintage book, a pretty white pedestal dish filled with pine cones, a silver tray and a tiny silver bell.

To balance the book display on the other side of the cabinet  it I added a chicken wire cloche with a flamless candle inside. 

I am loving the look.

If your interested, I will quickly walk you through how I made the faux door.

All I used was some leftover bead board strips from the garage (about 3 1/2 feet long) and two pieces of 1X2 cut to size.
The first thing I did was fit all the bead board strips together until they were nice and snug.  If I remember right I used a total of five strips.  Next I cut the 1X2 to fit across the bead board from edge to edge.  One for the top and one for the bottom.  After that I cheated a little bit by using my glue gun, which works great on wood if you didn't know.  I wanted the 1X2's to stay in place while I flipped the bead board over  so I added some construction glue along the whole length of the 1X2 and then on just the ends I added a little glue from my glue gun to help me quick set the 1X2.  I did this with both pieces of 1X2's.

After the glue had set a minute, I flipped the whole piece over and using 1 1/4" screws drilled one screw into each section of the bead board making sure to hit the 1X2 on the front.  You may be able to see the pencil line I drew to make sure all the screws were straight.  I did this on both the top and the bottom.

That's it!  Super easy right!

I wanted a dark base for the door so I stained the whole thing with a dark stain and let it sit for a couple of days to dry.

Finally I dry brushed some creamy white paint over the whole surface.  Once the paint was dry I sanded any area's I thought needed it.  I added a simple sawtooth picture hanging hook to the back to hang it on the wall since the whole thing is very light in weight.

I'm loving this little nook of the family room so much it's making the rest of the room look downright shabby.  I may have to give the rest of the room a mini makeover  soon to bring it up to speed.

Talk to you soon,


  1. You have given me a great idea. I have an old wooden colonial flag that I recently painted white and then didn't know what to do with. After seeing your idea, I can hang it and then decorate around it.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Love this Robin! Looks so authentic and old!Your whole vignette looks beautiful!

  3. Robin, Your little door looks great, I love the look! Hugs, Cindy

  4. Great idea Robin! It is so pretty! I love it!

  5. I love the addition of this textured project. It adds some interest to the wall and is the perfect place to display your simple wreath.

  6. This is SO great looking, Robin...I am very attracted to this more minimalist Scandinavian style...it's what my house wants to be when it grows up! You inspire me SO much!

  7. That looks great, Robin! It added so much to the cabinet... what a beautiful wall!

  8. So clever Robin & it looks so pretty! So happy to have found your blog, it is awesome! Have a great weekend, Jen

  9. I LOVE this look! Wonderful:) Pinning too.

  10. You are so ingenious. Love that look and love those white washed grapevine wreaths too!

  11. Great look! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  12. I checked this project out from your 2013 faves post. What a great idea, and I just happen to have some leftover beadboard from my kitchen. Thanks!


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