January 20, 2013

Yellow Roses

With all the posts I've had over the years about flowers and gardening you all know how much I love a pretty bloom.
I have love for so many types of flowers:  hydrangea, peonies, saliva, dahlia, zinnia to name a few. 
That being said there is something about a rose that surpasses all the others.

Of all the different colors to choose from,  yellow steals my heart.

A friend of mine gave me a bundle of yellow roses for my birthday this year and it could not have been a better gift.  Arranged in a pretty white dish and placed in my windowsill over the kitchen sink I think of her each time I glance at them and smile.  A smile for friendship, a smile for pretty yellow roses.

Which color rose would you pick?


  1. Those yellows are stunning - so pretty and perfect with a crisp white, clean and fresh! Lovely! X

  2. Love your roses....happy sunday....love Ria...xxx...

  3. Yellow is so cheerful and makes us think of Spring. I love a dark, deep red rose. Sweet hugs!

  4. Gorgeous roses, Robin...such a thoughtful gift! My favorite rose color is a peachy apricot...
    Stay warm!

  5. Beautiful Robin! You know how much I love roses! Hmmm my favorite color would be pink with white as my second choice!

  6. Striking! I'm not a big yellow fan, but these roses are lovely. And so sunny! Glad they bring a smile to your face.

  7. Happy Birthday, Robin! What a nice gift! Those roses seem so bright and sunny. I had yellow roses for my wedding bouquet, but I think my favorite color is a peachy salmon pink color...I just saw some at Bachman's the other day. xo

  8. The yellow is so cheery, but I'd have to pick pink!! Nothing makes me happier....

  9. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful one! I love the yellow, I also love the pink ones. You have arranged them beautifully in the white vase.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Its really so beautiful. Thanks for this post because i love Yellow Roses.

  11. Beautiful yellow roses!!!! I love yellow roses. The most beautiful Fresh flowers which represent true friendship....


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